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Lord of the Night

Article written by Kranar Drogin

The Lord of the Night is the leader of the current Knights of Neraka, formally the Knights of Takhisis.

The Lord of the Night as the power appoint the Lord Adjudicator from the Knights of the Skull.

Past Lords of the Night

Ariakan Ariakas (370 AC - 383 AC) Formed the Knights of Takhisis following his imprisonment with the Knights of Solamnia under the direction of Takhisis. He died while battling the forces of Chaos at the High Clerist Tower.

Mirielle Abrena (383 AC - 420 AC) Picked up the pieces of the Knights of Takhisis after the Chaos War, was later assassinated by poisoning from Morham Targonne it is rumored. She is credited with almost single-handedly holding the Knights of Takhisis together after the Chaos War.

Morham Targonne (420 AC - 421 AC) Starts with the Knights of Takhisis as a common accountant. Takes over command of the Knights of Takhisis by the rumored poisoning of Mirielle Abrena. Renames them the Knights of Neraka in 421 AC, but is killed later that year by Mina for trying to poison her.

Mina (421 AC) Takes over the command of the Knights of Neraka following the death of Morham Targonne, she would dissappear after Takhisis returns to Krynn and was kill by Silvanoshei Caladon.

From 421 AC to 425 AC, the position stood vacant.

Current Lord of the Night

Baltasar Rennold (425 AC - Current (427 AC)) Takes over command of the Knights of Neraka when Mina disappears after the War of Souls five years ago. He wants to restore the Dark Knights to their previous strength.


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