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Lord of Palanthas

Article written by Kranar Drogin

The Lord Mayor of Palanthas, or Lord Mayor and Lord of Palanthas, is a title that is usually passed down from family member to family member until the Knights of Takhisis took over the city during the Chaos War. Now the most powerful merchant in Solamnia has the position and is called the Lord Regent.

Past Lords of Palanthas

Urian (ca. 20 PC - ? PC) was the Lord of Palanthas during the Lost Wars. It is unknown how long he ruled for.

Amothus Palanthus I (ca. 323 AC - 339 AC) was the father to Lord Amothus from the War of the Lance.

Amothus Palanthus (ca. 339 AC - 383 AC) His family has ruled for centuries. Ruled during the War of the Lance, the assault by Kitiara Uth Matar and Lord Loren Soth on the city, and during the Chaos War.

Xavier uth Nostran (383 AC- 421 AC) was a puppet of the Knights of Takhisis and then the Knights of Neraka.

Current Lord of Palanthas

Bakkard du Chagne (421 - Current AC) becomes the Lord Regent over Palanthas and Solamnia following the War of Souls.


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