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King of Throt

Article written by Kranar Drogin

The King of Throt is the leader of Throt that became under the rule of Hobgoblins when the War of the Lance broke out. It was first a human nation, led by a human leader. To this day now, hobgoblins and goblins rule the lands.

Past Throt Rulers

Khara Warbringer (? AC) A warlord that founded Throt shortly after the Cataclysm. He was known to have had a bad temper.

Instan Westmier (? AC) Was a minor Duke that lived outside of Throt. He got tired of being invaded by Throt raiders, so he gathered together men and mercenaries to invade Throt. He disposes of the bandit rulers there and sets himself up as ruler of all of Throt.

Borlin Galuvere (? - 348 AC) A fair ruler that before the War of the Lance, was going to have Throt become a province of Solamnia. It was invaded before that could happen by hobgoblins and goblins and taken for their own. He is the last human ruler.

Throt is now ruled by Hobgoblins

Crod Blackmaw (348 - ? AC) He was a chieftain that united the hobgoblins and goblins into invading Throt. Named himself King of Throt after the conquest was complete.

Current King

Uhkrin (? - Current AC) King of Throt, but his grip on the other tribes of hobgoblins has been slipping.


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