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Nuitari (noo-uh-tah-ree) is the god of evil arcane magic and is represented by the black moon. He is patron to the Black Robed Wizards of High Sorcery. He works with Solinari and Lunitari to further the cause of magic, though his methods differ from theirs. He works through dark means in order to accumulate power, and quickly.

Nuitari by Cell.
Nuitari by Cell.
AlignmentLawful Evil
Other Names Angomais (Imperial League)
Black Hand (Balifor)
Darkness (Elian)
The Devouring Dark
Kaasromermagasthol /
Angothorolupolis (Gnomoi)
Ne'ugiar (Uigan)
Nightreaver (Mithas)
Nuvis (Taladas)
Orgentos (Nylgai Hadirnoe)
Ungod (Thorbardin)
SymbolBlack circle or sphere
Celestial symbolBlack moon
PortfolioBlack magic, arcane secrets
Common AspectsA quiet, intense young
man with jet-black hair and a
long black robe; a wicked child;
a black-robe human or ogre
mage; most aspects have
fleshy, moon-like faces and / or
pale skin; always speaks in harsh

Nuitari is the son of Takhisis and Sargonnas and is the twin brother of Zeboim. He was once the divine power of ambition prior to the time that he removed himself from the heavens in order to be closer to the world. Nuitari detests Takhisis, who has stolen magic from him in the past to grant to her followers, the Knights of the Thorn, as well as stealing the world of Krynn. He has come to odds with Chemosh in the past, as both have some domain over the realm of necromancy. The differentiation is that Nuitari is patron to necromancer wizards while Chemosh is patron to the undead and cleric necromancers.

Tower of the Blood Sea

After the War of Souls, Nuitari secretly rebuilt the Tower of Istar to be a stronghold and became known as the Tower of the Blood Sea. The holy artifacts inside had survived the Cataclysm and Nuitari kept them in the Chamber of Relics (also called the Hall of Sacrilege) guarded by the Sea Dragon Midori. He and the other two gods of magic agreed to let him patron the new tower and in return they would each get to patron the other surviving two. In 422 AC, Mina raised the tower so that it rested on an island and all other gods were barred entry. Shortly after raising the tower Mina entered the Chamber of Relics and left with two artifacts. The High God then took the hall and all its contents. Nuitari then reclaimed his tower from Mina after she left it on her journey to Godshome.


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