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King of Nordmaar

Article written by Kranar Drogin & Paul Record

The King of Nordmaar might also be a Queen, but normally in the history, it has been a King.

Past Kings and Queens of Nordmaar

Kithiri the Long–limbed (202 AC) was a Warrior Queen who fought the Knights of Solamnia in the War of the Sky. When the war ended, she pledged her friendship to the Knights of Solamnia. They then built a number of outposts and castles in Nordmaar.

Huemac Kerian (? - 348 AC) He tried to fight off the Red Dragonarmy that invaded his nation in the spring of 348 AC in the War of the Lance. He died in the first wave of attacks on Nordmaar.

Shredler Kerian (348 AC - 422 AC) A young and inexperienced king. The son of Huemac, he gave in to the Red Dragonarmy for the sake of his people. He died shortly after the War of Souls.

Current King of Nordmaar

Nacon the Second (422 AC) is the current King of Nordmaar, with his court at North Keep, but spends most of his time in Wulfgar.


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