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Khan of Khur

Article written by Kranar Drogin & Uziel

The Khan of the nation of Khur is the overall leader of the tribes.

Past Khans

Keja (1 AC - ? AC) was the chief of the Khur Tribe following the Drowning. He united the tribes under him forming the Khur nation. He had seven sons, each a leader of one of the seven tribes.

Garmac (? AC) was eldest son of Keja, so he took over the rule of the Khur Tribe and claimed Khur. His six brothers scorned him breaking the alliance they all shared under their father, and Khur was no longer united.

No true leader during this since all seven tribes fracture. Unite under Salah later.

Salah (348 AC - 356 AC) - After the Green Dragonarmy Highlord was executed shortly after the invasion of Khur, Salah took power over as the Highlord of the Green Dragonarmy. Proclaimed himself Khan of the Khur Tribe and then united again all the tribes into one Khur.

Matarc (357 AC - ? AC) became the Khan of Khur in the wake of Salah's death. He ultimately had to step down as Khan, when old age made him befuddled and unable to rule.

Hali-no (? AC - 395 AC) became the Khan of Khur when Matarc stepped down. He ruled whilst Khur was under the dominion of Malystryx and retained Matarc as an advisor, even though the former Khan was eccentric and often confused.

Current Khan

Sahim Zacca-Khur (396 AC - Current AC) became Khan in his early 20s and forged alliances both with the Nerakans and also with the Elves united under Gilthas Pathfinder.


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