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Article written by Trampas Whiteman & Uziel

Shinare is the divine power of interaction, and goddess of wealth, industry, and commerce. She governs negotiations, contracts, enterprise and partnerships.

Shinare was called from the Beyond to serve Gilean. She is companion to Sirrion, though their relationship has been volatile and problematic. She is also friendly towards Reorx, Kiri-Jolith, and Majere. She opposes Hiddukel, who serves as god of ill-gotten wealth and bad business deals.

Other names: Balance of the Scales (Mithas), Silver Master (Thorbardin), Silver Mistress, Walking Liberty (Ergoth), Winged One (elves), Winged Victory, Nuran (Imperial League).
Symbol: Griffon's wing.
Celestial symbol: The planet Shinare.


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