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Reorx is the divine power of creation. He is the supreme god of dwarves, and holds sway over gnomes as well. Kender see him as a grandfather figure. Reorx is patron to smiths and craftsmen from all races. Reorx works with Shinare to spur dwarven economies.

With his forging hammer and the direction of the High God, Reorx forged the world, the stars, and the souls of mortals into existence from the essence of Chaos. Later, Reorx crafted the Graygem, which trapped the essence of Chaos. Reorx hates and fears Chaos, referring to him as the "Father of All and of Nothing".

Other names: Anvil (Elian), Forge, The Weaponmaster (Mithas), World Smith, Sammakax (Irda), Tamer of Chaos.
Symbol: Forging hammer, a smith's hammer.
Celestial symbol: The planet Reorx.


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