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Article written by Trampas Whiteman, Kranar Drogin, Uziel

Branchala (bran-cha-luch or bran-kah-luh) is one of the gods of Good, and is representative of inspiration. Also called the Bard King, Branchala is patron to bards, performers, minstrels, and so forth. He is revered highly by elves and kender. He was also known to have created the Dragon's Graveyard for the Metallic Dragons to go and die at.

Other NamesAstar (merkitsa)
Astarin (Silvanesti)
Astra (Qualinesti)
Baradin (Irda)
Bardilun (Thorbardin)
The Bard King
Bran (Ergoth, Taladas)
Estarin (Sea Elves)
Gardener (Mithas)
Song of Life
Songmaster (Goodlund)
SymbolGolden bard's harp
Wooden flute
Celestial symbolHarp constellation
PortfolioElves, kender, music, harmony,
poetry, forests, beauty, weather,
luck, the disenfranchised
Common AspectsA woodsman; a ranger;
a bard; a druid
ColorsYellow, green

On the continent of Taladas, Branchala is almost unknown and is viewed more as an avatar of Habbakuk. For this, Branchala has no priests on Taladas.


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