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A Tylor looks very similar to a huge, wingless dragon. A tylor is a rare crossbreed of a true dragon and a Hatori. The tylor's coloring depends on the dragon parent - typically, a tylor has a Blue Dragon or Green Dragon parent (in addition to its hatori parent). Sometimes a Metallic Dragon, Sea Dragon, or even a Shadow Dragon will breed with a hatori, but this happens very rarely.

RelationsChromatic Dragons
LandsArid Regions

A tylor can be sixty feet in length, with horns atop its brow that are as long as an elf's arm. It gives off a "sweet" garbage-like smell, has a beak-like snout, and its five toes each end in a claw that is half a foot in length. A tylor's skin can be dun-colored or a color similar to the landscape it is standing in, like a chameleon. It has a whiplike tail that is about one-third of the length of its main body.

Tylor usually live in arid regions, but will move to where food is available. The Knights of Neraka occasionally use them as mounts since they like to work in groups and they are able to learn very quickly. They can speak Common in order to lure in prey, or just to cast spells. If a tylor starts losing a battle, it will move out of range of its intended victim in order to cast its spells. Due to its cold blood, it will move slowly in cold weather.

The continent of Taladas has a small, white, wingless breed of tylor that is taken from the snow-fields of Panak. These are prized by the rich as guards and pets because of their viciousness.

Kender Tales

Some sources have stated that a tylor can be 86-102' in length. This is much too big for a tylor.


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