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Wild Sorcery

Article written by Trampas Whiteman

Wild Sorcery (also known as "sorcery", "wild magic", or "primal sorcery") is the ambient arcane magic of the world. Primal Sorcery is characterized by the manipulation of the natural creative and elemental energies used in creating the world. Primal Sorcery was once thought to only affect non-living things, though this limitation seems to have been proven false after the War of Souls.

The power of sorcery was discovered in the year 403 AC (20 SC) when a mysterious figure known as the Shadow Sorcerer came out of the Desolation with strange magical powers, which she taught to Palin Majere.

The power of sorcery is in actuality the oldest form of magic. With the passing of the Greygem, the power of Primal Sorcery was boosted to levels that mortals could use. Following that, the power faded until after the Chaos War, when the power of Chaos infused the world, bringing sorcery to levels usable by mortals once again.

Primal Sorcery was primarily taught at the Academy of Sorcery, though the Knights of the Thorn and Legion of Steel were also amongst those who practiced it. The Academy taught that Primal Sorcery could be divided into categories known as "realms" (also referred to as "schools").


Magic of air, wind, vapors, and elemental creatures of air.


Magic of cold and ice.


Magic that allows a sorcerer to gain knowledge of the past, present, or future. Also allows a sorcerer to project his mind through time and space.


Magic of electricity and lightning, creating anything from a lightning bolt to a mild shock. Also said to have magnetic powers.


Enhancement (once known as "enchantment") is magic that imbues non-living objects with arcane energy.


Elemental magic of the earth.


Elemental magic of water.


Elemental magic of fire.


Magic of light and color, allowing a sorcerer to create illusions, darken a room, or seem invisible.


Magic of folding space, allowing a sorcerer to cross great distances without moving or bring an object or creature to the sorcerer's location.


Manipulation of non-living matter, with which a sorcerer can turn lead into gold or water into wine.


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