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Article written by Kranar Drogin

The Lightbringer was a prophocisec leader that would come to lead Istar to glory unseen ever. It was originally written by Psandros the Younger in High Dravinish. The gods gave a vision to Ilista to find him in the west. She found Beldinas Pilofiro, thinking that because of his great works in life and his pure soul, that he was the one, but she was deadly wrong. Cathan MarSevrin was the one the gods wanted to come to rule over Istar, but he didn't find this out until the Cataclysm came to Ansalon.
The title of the prohecy in Common is:

Advent of the Lightbringer
by Psandros the Younger

And in High Dravinish it is:

Vizilovios Ihomua
by Psandros the Younger


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