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Ruler of Hylo

Article written by Kranar Drogin

The Ruler of Hylo is usually won by popular vote.

Past Kings and Queens

Lucklyn I (2421 - 2401 PC) Switches rulership between himself and his Queen Casberry, so one can go on Wanerlust for a year. May have ruled longer than dates given.

Casberry (421 - 2401 PC) switched rulership between himself and her King Lucklyn I, so one can go on Wanderlust for a year. May have ruled longer than dates given.

Loraliee Spellslinger (348 - 352 AC) was the leader of the Hylo kender during the War of the Lance, she won her post by doing card tricks and sleight-of-hand.

Fallana Windseed (? - 397 AC) was overthrown from power by Belladonna. The Windseed family was then expelled from Hylo.

Current Ruler

Belladonna or Billie Juniper (397 - Current AC) is an afflicted kender who was the only surviver from a kender village in Goodlund. Travels to Hylo and decides to sieze control saying that true kender do not know how to protect themselves.


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