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High Thane of Thoradin

Article written by Kranar Drogin

The High Thane of Thoradin is the leader of Thoradin, also referred to as the King of Thoradin. Before the Cataclysm, rulership would pass from the current Hylar ruler to one of his sons or grandsons. However, this tradition may have ended with the current king.


Horn Dunbar (997 PC - ? PC) found the location where Thorin and Thoradin of old were located. He restored the new nation back to its glory so Thorbardin would have a trading center between Istar and Solamnia. He is considered the founder of the nation but was not an actual High Thane.

Past High Thanes

Tolon Farsight (2150 PC - ca. 2009 PC) became the ruler when his father Colin Stonetooth left in exile. The nation was renamed from Thorin to Thoradin. Due to the dwarves' withdrawal from the world, it is unknown if he ruled as long as stated.

Basalt Slatefield (613 PC - ca. 522 PC) was the first High Thane of Thoradin, and Brack's grandfather.

Brack Slatefield (ca. 522 PC - ? PC) was Basalt's grandson. He signed the Swordsheath Scroll with Solamnia, Istar, and Silvanesti, an event which was called the dwarfmeld.

Cobalt Rankil (ca. 118 PC - ca. 7 PC) was High Thane when the Kingpriest declared the Proclamation of Manifest Virtue. When Istar moved against Thoradin in 117 PC, Cobalt led his forces to victory. He ruled until 7 PC and may have ruled longer.

Current Thane

Severus Stonehand (413 PC - Current AC) is the current High Thane of Thoradin. He defeated the King of Zhakar, cured the Zhakar of a mold plague, and renamed Zhakar back to Thoradin.


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