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Chieftain of Thorin

Article written by Kranar Drogin

The Chieftain of Thorin is the title taken by the leader of the dwarven nation of Thorin. Following the failed invasion by humans of the land in 2150 PC, this position no longer existed.

Previous Chieftains

Agate Thorwallen (2800 - ca. 2700 PC) was the founder of the nation of Thorin. He found the lands during the Graystone War and, following that war, moved to it and created Thorin.

Briggit Thorwallen (ca. 2700 - ca. 2600 PC) ruled for nearly 100 years. She is the one who started the tradition of Balladine.

Stonetooth (first name unknown) (? - ? PC) was the first to rule from the Stonetooth clan and might possibly have been Colin's father.

Colin Stonetooth (? - 2150 PC) was the leader during the Last Balladine. His trust in humans was destroyed when Thorin was devastated. Even though his dwarves won the day, Colin decided to leave Thorin in disgrace, leaving his son Tolon Farsight in charge of Thoradin.


In one story, Bayrn Takwing was the chief from (ca. 2710 - ? PC) and was the one who gave Crematia the Dragon Stones which ended up causing the Second Dragon War. (Note: This may have been an underling of Briggit's at the time.)


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