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High God

Article written by Trampas Whiteman, Uziel, Khaisai

NameHigh God
Other NamesAll-Father/Mother
the One
Highfather (Glass Sailors)
SymbolA budding seed
A lump of clay
A pair of oddly shaped dice
Celestial symbolNone
Portfolio All creative and destructive
energies, the powers of true
names and true forms, justice,
and the vagaries of chance
Common AspectsNone

The High God represents the forces of law, order, and creation. The High God brought the other gods from beyond, and created the universe. Once the world of Krynn was created, he withdrew himself from the world, placing the plan of creation in the Tobril, which lies in the care of Gilean. The High God has only been known to interfere in the affairs of the world once, during the All-Saints War. The High God has no clerics, nor can any divine spellcaster gain power from him.


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