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Article written by Kranar Drogin & Aslan Uth Tallshire

Thorin, formerally Hiel-Thax, was the second great dwarven kingdom on Ansalon. It was located in the northern part o f the Khalkist Mountains, east of the Empire of Ergoth, east of Golash, southwest of Chandera and west and north of Silvanesti.

Some of the geographical features of the nation is the Suncradles on the western border, and the Ogre Mountains to the south. Some of the rivers and creeks are the Hammersong River, Bone River, Spruce Creek, Iron Creek, Suncradle Creek, and Goldrun Creek. The Silvertree Forest is located in the northern section of the nation.

The nation was lead by the Chieftain of Thorin who over sees his Chief Wardens, the Delvemaster, Fire Warden, Chief Marshal, Food Warden, and Water Warden.

Age of Dreams

The nation of Hiel-Thax was founded by Agate Thorwallen following a dispute in the Empire of Kal-Thax in 2800 PC, Hiel-Thax would later be renamed Thorin upon Agate's death. Agate led his followers to a sculpted valley that he found during the Graystone War. The lands had first been settled by ogres many years ago, and the keep where they built their first city was built on a foundation of stone that was of ogre make. The dwarves quickly went to work erasing all ogre work on the structure and the cave tunnel system. They created an extensive trade network with the lands around them.

Around 2710 PC, the dwarves of Thorin found the Dragon Stones that had been buried after the First Dragon War. Loathing all forms of magic, they agree to give them to a Red Dragon Crematia in exchange for her not harming their fortress. Unknowingly this began the Second Dragon War in 2692 PC. Following the end of the war and the release of magic on Ansalon in 2645 PC, the dwarves of Thorin withdraw from the rest of Ansalon in shame for being the cause of the Second Dragon War, cutting off almost all forms of trade.

In 2150 PC, Thorin began to start trading with the lands of Chandera and Golash, but a mysterious human named Grayfen led humans against Thorin during Balladine, or what the dwarves had come to call Last Balladine. During this event, Thorin Keep went into a lockdown, trapping many humans in its halls, and Grand Gather collapsed in a heap of rubble from Handil the Drum holding off the humans with his drum, in his grief from Jinna Rockreave being killed. Marksmen either picked off the humans in the Keep or they simply starved the humans to death. The dwarves won the battle, but it effectively ended Thorin as a power. A disgraced Colin Stonetooth created the Hylar Dwarves, and he left, leading them to find long-lost Kal-Thax. Upon leaving Thorin, the surviving dwarves renamed the devastated area Thoradin thus to remember their home and its passing.


Thorin City - Capital
Thorin Keep


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