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King of Zhakar

Article written by Kranar Drogin

The King of Zhakar is usually the Zhakar Dwarf who holds the most power. This king will usually rule the nation of Zhakar with an iron fist, crushing any resistance against him. It is very common for another dwarf to assassinate or challenge the king. Any weakness that a king shows is usually exploited to the point of that person's death.

Past Kings of Zhakar

Rackas Ironcog (? - 333 AC) was a shrewd king who didn't trust Duulket Ariakas, so Ariakas had him assassinated and replaced by Whez.

Whez Lavastone (333 AC- ca. 348 AC) becomes the King for the Zhakar when he kills Rackas, the previous king. He then swears fealty to Ariakas.

Zhak Pillarstone (ca. 348 AC - ca. 352 AC) was king during the War of the Lance.


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