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Zhakar was a dwarven nation located south of Taman Busuk, southwest of Kern, west of Khur, and north of Blöde. Major geographical features include the Stonecrusher River that leads to the Newsea in the west, Mount Horn, Khalkist Mountains, and Ghost Range. The nation is led by the King of Zhakar.

Age of Despair

The nation of Zhakar arose from the city of Zhakar after the Cataclysm and following the destruction of the dwarven nation of Thoradin. The city of Zhakar was all that remained of the once great nation. Thoradin was literally eroded from the face of Ansalon and like many other nations, simply ceased to exist. Once containing seven great subterranean cities, earthquakes and lava flows immediately obliterated six of those cities. A massive magma plume erupted directly below the capital of Thorin sending lava flowing throughout all the levels and caverns. The top of the mountain burst and Mount Thorin became a volcano. Due to its depth, the city of Zhakar survived, but only barely. As a city, Zhakar was devastated and in utter ruin.

Many of the survivors within the city were completely cut off from each other. For some it would be decades before they were ever able to tunnel out and reach the surface. For others it would be a little easier because the upper levels of Zhakar were no longer deep within the mountain. Many of the above mountains were completely eroded away until the point where some of the upper levels of Zhakar were exposed to the outside air. To cover these areas, the survivors built a massive keep on the surface.

Rebuilding went slow, however the dark dwarves continued to rebuild what they could of their city. Out of the ruin of former Thoradin, the new nation of Zhakar was born. The Theiwar renamed their clan the Zhakar in honor of their surviving city and their continued existence. This nation however was to be a twisted mockery of the greatness the realm once possessed. Within a short time after the cataclysm, a strange mold plague overtook the inhabitants. Plague was not uncommon after the cataclysm however this was different. Those that were infected became hideously deformed. Many died outright while those that survived became insane and lived a demented existence. Shifting towards darkness, the Zhakar became increasingly evil. The dark dwarves lived an isolated existence almost completely cut off from the world. The nation as a whole became a feared realm. Those who trespassed were quickly put to death.

Around 340 AC, the Zhakar would finally venture out into the world. The only time the Zhakar had previously been seen was when they invaded into neighboring realms on brutal raids. Prior to the War of the Lance, the Dragon Highlords were able to make allies with the dwarves for a mutual pursuit of conquest. Although the Zhakar agreed to help secure the full realm of the Khalkist Mountains for the Dark Queen, the dwarves secretly helped only because they desired to claim the lands for themselves and regain the glory of former Thoradin.

At the end of the War of the Lance and the collapse of the Dragonarmies, the Zhakar tried to maintain their hold on as much mountainous territory as they could. Once again, they isolated their realm and killed all outsiders attempting entry. The dwarves of Zhakar would fiercely hold onto their land at all cost until the nation eventually fell in 413 AC to dwarven clans invading from the western nation of Thorbardin.

Age of Mortals

A Daewar Dwarf named Severus Stonehand came with his followers to Zhakar in 413 AC, curing the ravaging mold plague from the dwarves and the lands. He renamed Zhakar back to Thoradin AC.


Zhakar (City) - Capital
Zhakar Keep


Ghost Range
Ghost Tunnel
Sanction Tunnel
Spillway River
Stonecrusher River
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