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Hestite King or Queen

Article written by Kranar Drogin

The roll as the Hestite King or Queen invovles ruling over the lands of the Hestite elven people. Some have ruled justly and some through tyranny. Most of the tyranical kings or queens have been overthrown. Hestantafalas created the leadership once he led his people from the lands of Silvanesti.

Past Kings or Queens

Hestantafalas (2140 - 650 PC) Led his people from Silvanesti when he was branded a traitor that had to be hung, escaped into Krynn's earth when Vedvedsica created an earthquake & an opening in the ground formed for them to escape the advancing Silvanesti Hordes.

Kosti (? PC) was the first son of Hestantafalas.

Jaen the Builder (? PC) was the second son of Hestantafalas. His reign began with crops failing, diggers going hungry, and more and more barren children were born. He is recognized as one of the greatest of the Hest for all the building he did to combat this. Died in a fit of apoplexy.

Drev the Mad (? PC) was the third son of Hestantafalas. After Jaen died, he came to power & tried to crush the Hall of Light. Had all the priests of the Hest killed & the temples went quiet. Later committed suicide by jumping from the Palace when he was overthrown from power.

Li El (? - 350 AC) Once Drev the Mad was dead, she took the title of Queen. She ruled very harshly over the Hest and was later overthrown by diggers who revolted under the help of Mors, Catchstar, & Riverwind. At the end of the revolt she committed suicide by jumping from the palace.

Current Ruler

Mors (350 - Current AC) Begins his leadership of the Hest as an acting ruler until an election could be done, unknown if one was ever held.


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