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Minotaur Emperor

Article written by Kranar Drogin & Weldon Chen

The title of Minotaur Emperor has been around since minotaurs landed on the continent of Ansalon. The leader was first chosen for his bravery, and then went by blood to Mithas and Kothas. After they were long longer able to rule the Minotaur Empire, it would go to the fiercest warrior. The only time you could challenge the emperor was once a year, a minotaur gladiator would win his way through victory in the Great Circus. If that minotaur could defeat the emperor, he or she, would become the next emperor. Defeat means death, and if the emperor won, then the challenger would be killed in battle or even executed.

Now, Hotak de-Droka has reestablished that the emperor title would be passed again on by blood. After Faros defeated his son Ardnor, it is unknown if Faros will continue having it go by blood, or if he will put it back to being challenged every year.

When a minotaur becomes the emperor, he is given two items to show that he is the emperor. One is the Crown of Toroth and the other is the Axe of Makel Ogrebane.

Past Minotaur Emperors

Ambeoutin (? - 2735 PC) Was the one to lead the minotaurs from the slavery of the Kal-Thax dwarves back to their homeland, met with Sargas and was instructed to teach other minotaurs how to be, did so and reigned for 60 yrs before he disappeared with a Black Robed Wizard named Skythus, most think he died.

Mithas (2735 PC - ? PC) Battled his twin brother Kothas in a duel to take over ruling the kingdom after their father Ambeoutin died, fell to the ground exhausted same as his brother, the kingdom was split in two then with Mithas ruling the northern half of the kingdom and Kothas the southern. Also lost rule shortly after his brother's death to ogre invaders.

Kothas (2735 PC - 2725 PC) Battled his twin brother Mithas in a duel to take over ruling the kingdom after their father Ambeoutin died, fell to the ground exhausted same as his brother, the kingdom was split in two then with Mithas ruling the northern half of the kingdom and Kothas the southern. Dies 10 yrs after his father from a broken neck.

Bosigarni Es-Mithas (2644 - ? PC) He won the first title of Emperor, nickname was Bos of the Blood, created the Supreme Circle, after his death, the empire collapsed and was conquered.

Series of puppet Emperors

Makel Ogrebane (2485 PC - 2445 PC) A gladiator who slew the Grand Khan in 2485 PC, called Ogrebane for nearly wiping out the ogre race, became Emperor & built Nethosak, ruled for 40yrs, died in his sleep.

Age of Pretenders 2445 - 2335 PC

Jarisi (2335 - 2320 PC) A female Emperor, was the first one after the Age of Pretenders, held rule for 15 yrs, expanded sea exploration, the first island colony was named after her, Jari-Nyos.

Invaded Silvanesti, lost, & then was crushed by an ogre invasion

Tremoc (1791 - ? PC) Crossed Ansalon 4 times hunting his mate's killer, this stirred the Empire so much that when he entered the Great Circus to challenge for the title Emperor, his adversary conceded, first time ever in the minotaur history.

Mitos (1543 - ? PC) He defeated the Empire of Istar when it invaded the Minotaur Empire, he was then crowned Emperor, and he had his minotaurs pull back from the rest of Ansalon.

Polik (1060 - 1010 PC) A puppet Minotaur Emperor, first controlled by the Dragon Armies of Takhisis to use his people as slave soldiers, then controlled by the red dragon Infernus, who later fell on him and crushed him to death when Infernus died fighting Kaz.

NONE (94 - 1 PC) No Emperors due to the fact that minotaurs were enslaved by the Istar Empire. After the Cataclysm, their homeland was split from Ansalon into two island nations of Nethosak and Morthosak.

Toroth (1 - 21 AC) was the first Emperor after the Cataclysm. Led the Minotaur Empire to expand east to create an island empire, died while fighting sea barbarians.

Garik Es-Karos (? - 348 AC) was the emperor in the time just before the War of the Lance. He was an ineffectual ruler whose rule only brought decay and shame to the Empire. He was assassinated by poisoning.

Chot Es-Kalin (348 AC - 418 AC) He stabilized the Empire by tightening the reins on the legions and a reestablished tie with the temple of Sargas, expanded the Empire to the east, built an elaborate Circus, and was ruler during the Chaos War. Was assassinated by General Hotak de-Droka in a hostile takeover.

Hotak de-Droka (418 AC - 421 AC) After assassinating Chot Es-Kalin, he builds up the military, and invades Ansalon through Silvanesti. He sets up a succession by blood for the first time ever in the Minotaur history. His wife Nephera de-Droka who wished her son, Ardnor, to be on the throne, assassinated him.

Ardnor de-Droka (421 AC) After his mother Nephera had Hotak assassinated, he takes over as the Emperor of the Minotaur Empire, due to now it going by blood. He is later beheaded by Faros in battle that same year.

Current Minotaur Emperor

Faros Es-Kalin (421 - Current AC) After killing Ardnor, he takes the throne by the blessing of Sargonnas and marries Hotak's daughter Maritia de-Droka.


Some think that Mithas and Kothas began their rule in 1600 PC which is incorrect.


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