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Knights of the Gold Lance

Article written by Trampas Whiteman

The Order of the Gold Lance is a small knighthood dating back prior to the Cataclysm. A Knight of Solamnia named Drastin, who hailed from a long line of knights, grew dissatisfied with the knighthood and quit, vowing to do a better job of training knights than the Knights of Solamnia had.

Drastin raised his children and grandchildren with a slightly modified version of the Oath and the Measure, training the women of the family as well as the men. The other Knights of Solamnia let Drastin be, as he was both a force for good and they saw his efforts as a harmless aberration that would have no lasting effect.
The other knights were mistaken, though, as the Order of the Gold Lance grew. All members of the family became part of the Order, which accepted a few other members as well – typically distant relations, friends, and a select few who have shown they value honor, courage, and justice.

The Order of the Gold Lance never grew to more than a dozen knights, and have eventually shrunk to just a few. During the War of the Lance, all but one Gold Lancer was slain at Solanthus fighting the Blue Dragonarmy. Steveck uth Drastin became the last Gold Lancer.

After the war, Steveck worked to support the Knights of Solamnia, and has sought to rebuild the Order of the Gold Lance.


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