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Kingpriests of Istar

Article written by Kranar Drogin & Chris Pierson

The Kingpriest of Istar is the ruler of the Holy Empire of Istar. First created in 280 PC, the position holds power over both the city of Istar and the nation as a whole. The Kingpriest is usually a cleric or priest of Paladine first and foremost, though there have been exceptions.

The term Kingpriest often seems to refer to a single person, though in truth there have been many Kingpriests.

Past Kingpriests of Istar

Symeon I (280 PC - 256 PC) was the first Kingpriest who overthrew the Emperor of Istar Vemior and donned the Crown of Power in the city of Istar.

Symeon II (256 PC - 231 PC) was next after Symeon I died.

Theorollyn I (231 PC - 220 PC) came to power following the death of Symeon II.

Theorollyn II (220 PC - 216 PC) came to power following the assassination of Theorollyn I.

Ardosean I (216 PC - 198 PC) deposed Theorollyn II for involvement in Theorollyn I's death. He ruled from Istar while Theorollyn II established a rival church in Losarcum. This was called the first schism, but would end in 192 PC with his death.

Ardosean II (198 PC - 189 PC) was crowned in Istar when Ardosean I abdicated. Ardosean I became his advisor.

Ardosean I (189 PC - 186 PC) Ardosean II dies suddenly from illness; Ardosean I resumes the crown.

Ardosean III (186 PC - 183 PC) was crowned when Ardosean I died.

2-yr Interregnum (183 PC - 181 PC) began when Ardosean III died without naming an heir. Revered Children unable to decide on a successor, resulting in a two-year interregnum.

Hysolar (181 PC - 172 PC) was finally crowned the new Kingpriest after two-year interregnum.

Sularis (172 PC - 150 PC) was a Solamnic that was crowned following the death of Hysolar.

Giusecchio (150 PC - 139 PC) was a merchant prince that was crowned against the church's wishes following the death of Sularis.

Quenndorus the Concilator (139 PC - 133 PC) was crowned following the assassination of Giusecchio who had banned slavery.

Vasari I (133 PC - 121 PC) was crowned following the death of Quenndorus.

Vasari II (121 PC - 101 PC) became the next Kingpriest after much contraversy. Pradian claimed to have been named heir without witnesses, while the church named Vasari II. Pradian took the Crown of Power and hid it, and a rival faction was formed. They fight the Three-Thrones War.

Pradian (118 PC - 105 PC) was expelled from Istar and crowned himself Kingpriest in Govinna. Hid the Crown of power in the catacombs beneath the dity. This resulted in the Manifest Virtue, and the two factions split the Empire.

Theorollyn III (105 PC - 98 PC) was crowned in Govinna when Pradian died suddenly. He was captured when he attacked Istar, and this ended the Three-Thrones War.

Ardosean IV (103 PC - Winter, 99 PC) became a third Kingpriest in Losarcum. He besieged Istar and executed Vasari III.

Vasari III (101 PC - Summer, 99 PC) was crowned in Istar when Vasari II died of old age.

Symeon III (99 PC - 48 PC) was called The Long Reign. He brought a new peace to Istar, and the Goblins and Ogres were exterminated in the Empire.

Symeon IV (48 PC - 40 PC) became Kingpriest following the death of Symeon III.

Kurnos the Usurper (Autumn, 40 PC) was crowned following the death of Symeon IV. He quickly was corrupted and fell to evil.

Beldinas Pilofiro (Autumn, 40 PC - 0 PC) was the final, and most powerful Kingpriest to ever have led the Holy Empire of Istar. He is the one to have brought down the Cataclysm upon Ansalon that led to the deaths of thousands of people.

Kender Tales

In Chosen of the Gods, it actually states that Ardosean IV beheaded Vasari II, and not Vasar III. This was later changed in Legends of the Twins.


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