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The Boyla of the Uigan is considered the prince of the Uigan, and the highest lord of all the Tamire. By tradition he visits a different tribe every spring to lead the First Hunt, and also traditionally takes no more than seven warriors with him on the day of the First Hunt.

The Boyla is chosen from amongst the Tegins of the Uigan tribes who can trace their ancestry back to the first Boyla. There are only four remaining clans that are able to do this. Once a Boyla is in power, they serve for life.

Past Boylas of Uigan

Ajal Boyla (? PC) was the first Boyla to rule all of the Uigan.

Yakinf Boyla (? - 371 AC) ruled the Uigan until his death. A strong leader that manage to unite the clans throughout much of the Age of Despair.

Krogan Boyla (371 - 424 AC) ruled through the Second Destruction, Dread Winter, and the Godless Night. He was attacked by Kazar, who had been tipped off by Chovuk. He survived only to die at Chovuk's hands so that Chovuk himself could become Boyla.

Chovuk Boyla (424 AC) led the Uigan on raids upon the Kazar and the Imperial League, and attempted to cross the Tiderun. He was defeated by Barreth Forlo in single combat and his horde suffered over 10,000 losses.

Current Boyla of Uigan

After the death of Chovuk, there is currently no leader of the Uigan.


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