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Speaker of the Stars

Article written by Kranar Drogin

The Speaker of the Stars rules the Silvanesti Elves, sitting on the Emerald Throne. After convening the first Sinthal-Elish and having the elven families unify under him, Silvanos Goldeneye becomes the first Speaker. The Speaker of the Stars lives in Silvanost and the position is hereditary, usually falling to the Speaker's firstborn son. In the event there is no son, it will fall to the daughter. If the Speaker has no heir, the title will then go to one of the Speaker's brothers, but it is unknown if this has ever happened in Silvanesti elven history.

Past Speakers of the Stars

Silvanos Goldeneye (4000 PC - 2515 PC) becomes the first Speaker after the first meeting of the Sinthal-Elish at Sol-Fallon, creating the glorious elven nation of Silvanesti.

Sithel Silvanos (2515 PC - 2192 PC) had two sons, the twins Sithas and Kith-Kanan. He tried to keep Silvanesti out of a war with the Empire of Ergoth, but he was killed while hunting by a human who shot him with an arrow. With his death, the Kinslayer War begins.

Sithas Silvanos (2192 PC - 1813 PC) became Speaker of the Stars following the assassination of his father Sithel. He led the elven nation during the Kinslayer War and died while on the throne. (Note: This was two decades before Elendar had to take over as Speaker)

Unknown (1813 PC - ? PC). Sithas's son came into power following the death of Sithas. His name and the length of his rule are both unknown, but when he dies his son is too young to become the next Speaker. Therefore, his youngest brother Elendar becomes the next Speaker until the son comes of age.

Elendar Silvanos (ca. 1793 PC - 1740 PC), Sithas's fourth son, became the Speaker only until his oldest brother's son was old enough to rule. Upon his death, the title of Speaker passed to the rightful heir.

Unknown's Son (1740 PC - ? PC) became Speaker when Elendar died while on the throne. His name is unknown at this time.

Nethas Caladon (? - ca. 553 PC) banished Kerrick Fallabrine, who later found the Kingdom of Icereach, from Silvanesti. Nethas is possibly Maradoc's father. More information isn't known about him at this time.

Maradoc Caladon (? - ca. 270 PC) is possibly Lorac's father. More information isn't known about him at this time.

Lorac Caladon (ca. 39 PC - 351 AC) banished his people from Silvanesti during the War of the Lance and when he tried to use a Dragon Orb to stop the forces of evil, he plunged the nation into his nightmare. When the Companions finally free him of his dream, he dies from the torture he has endured.

Alhana Starbreeze (351 AC - 382 AC) takes over leading the Silvanesti after her father passes away, she is later declared a dark elf and stripped of her Speaker title by Reyl.

Reyl Konnal (382 AC - 421 AC) was not a true Speaker, but a Military Governor who came to power after Alhana was branded a dark elf. He agreed to have the Shield put up around Silvanesti to "protect" it. He died of a heart attack after finding out Cyan Bloodbane has been in Silvanesti under the shield.

Silvanoshei Caladon (421 AC), Alhana & Porthios's son, was able to bypass the Silvanesti Shield and make his way to Silvanost where he was pronounced Speaker. He became entranced with Mina and followed her to Sanction where he killed Takhisis, but was then killed by Mina.

Current Speaker of the Stars

Gilthas Pathfinder (421 AC - Present) is given the Silvanesti crown by Alhana when she went searching for Porthios. He has now taken the title of Speaker of the Sun and Stars.


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