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Speaker of the Sun

Article written by Kranar Drogin

The Speaker of the Sun title was created by the great elven leader Kith-Kanan, when he formed his new nation of Qualinesti. He created it in honor of the past of the Silvanesti title Speaker of the Stars. Other names that a Speaker can be called is Lord of Qualinesti or Honored Speaker. The title has sometimes been called Speaker of Suns and the Speaker of the Sun and Stars which are both incorrect.

The Speaker of the Sun wears his traditional yellow robes of office and the Sun Medallion, which can't be removed by force unless the Speaker removes it himself. He resides in Qualinost.

Past Speakers of the Suns

Kith-Kanan (2140 - 1893 PC) was the founder of Qualinesti. He was killed by his son Silveran who was being influenced by magic from his other son Ulvian Kanan. Kith-Kanan lived long enough to declare Silveran the next ruler, than passed on from his wounds.

Silveran Kanan (1893 - 1792 ca. PC) Was passed the role of Speaker of the Sun by his father Kith-Kanan on his deathbed. It isn't known how long he served in the position of Speaker but he was known to have been serving in 1792 PC.

It is unknown how many Speakers there was during the time between Silveran and Solostaran. Some day the Qualinesti Elves may allow us to get this information.

Solostaran Kanan (ca. 249 - 356 AC) was Speaker during the War of the Lance. He was the first Speaker in hundreds of years to invite non-Qualinesti Elves into the nation of Qualinesti. He dies of old age while serving as Speaker, passing the role onto his son Porthios.

Porthios Kanan (356 - 382 AC) became speaker after his father, Solostaran, passed away of old age. Porthios was later stripped of his Speakership and declared a dark elf by the leaders of Qualinesti. He is now in hiding among the Kagonesti.

Current Speaker of the Sun

Gilthas Solostaran (382 AC - Present) was made Speaker by the leaders of Qualinesti. He reigned as a 'puppet' for many years until the War of Souls, when he led his people from Qualinesti to escape the wrath of Beryl. Qualinesti was destroyed and he is leading his people in exile on the Plains of Dust along with Silvanesti exiles. He is now the Speaker of the Sun and Stars and going by the last name Pathfinder.


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