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Icereach is located to the far south of Ansalon and is a desolate frozen region which is comprised chiefly of a monstrous glacier. The only point further to the south in all of Krynn, is the frigid realm of Chorane. The region is covered in ice and chilly winds, which constantly blow throughout the entire area. Long ago it was fought over between human barbarian tribes, thanoi and a great force of ogres. However the ogre nation of Suderhold fell apart long ago, and the area has since been fought over between thanoi (walrus men), ice barbarians, and white dragons. Dwellings are few and far between throughout all of Icereach.

Largest CityIcewall Castle
LanguagesCommon, Kharolian, Thanoi
GovernmentTribal; Totalitarian

The region of Icereach was born out of the pre-Cataclysmic Kingdom of Icereach, and is all that is left of the once great and powerful nation.

Age of Despair

After the War of the Lance, the survivors of the White Dragonarmy fled to Icereach and re-populated Icewall Glacier. Dragon Highlord Feal-Thas, chief of the White Dragonarmy once governed Icewall. The Heroes of the Lance slew Feal-Thas, and the area became the dominion of the great white dragon Sleet.

Age of Mortals

After the Second Cataclysm, two white dragons Cryonisis and Frisindia arrived in Icereach. Realizing that the mighty Sleet was too powerful for either one of them in single combat, they joined forces and killed Sleet together. The draconic pair divided Icereach in half, and now each rule a domain, as the presiding Dragonlords of the southern realm.


Ice Folk Camp
Icewall Castle


Frozen Past

Geographical Features

Barred Door
Burning Ice
Ice Mountain Bay


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