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Northern Ergoth

Article written by Kranar Drogin & Joe Mashuga

Northern Ergoth is an island located west of Ansalon and north of Southern Ergoth that was created when the Cataclysm tore Ergoth in two. Northern Ergoth shares its northern border with the kender nation of Hylo and its southern border with the goblin province of Sikk'et Hul. The major geographical features of the island are the Sirrion Sea that surrounds the island, the Sentinel Mountains that serve as a border between Northern Ergoth and Hylo, and Raekel's Pit located in the southern crook of the Sentinel Mountains. The lands of Northern Ergoth are mostly grasslands and coastal plains with the province of Sikk'et Hul a desert of hills and scrubland.

The people of the land are usually dark-skinned seagoing people, with large fishing vessels. Rice paddies are common on the island. The island's armies are organized into legions. Gargoyles are not commonly found on the island unless someone brings one there.


Northern and Southern Ergoth both broke away from Ansalon during the Cataclysm, and the two nations soon severed ties, formally destroying the old Empire of Ergoth. A series of petty despots ruled Northern Ergoth until the Redic Dynasty came to power. Since then they have strived to restore the old Empire.

Age of Despair

During the War of the Lance the dragonarmies made attempts to invade Northern Ergoth but were driven back from the island.

During the Chaos War, Northern Ergoth was invaded by Knights of Takhisis, but due to the determination of the Ergothian people, they were never conquored. The Ergothian armies were able to drive the remnants of the Knights of Takhisis from their island early in the Age of Mortals. There were rumors that the Ergothians had been defeated, but this was untrue.

Age of Mortals

In the Age of Mortals, Northern Ergoth has seen a prosperity it hasn't known in years. Northern Ergoth has become a haven for the people who are suffering under the Dragon Overlords, welcoming back many people from Solamnia, including scholars, bards, and even Knights of Solamnia.

When the War of Souls broke out on the main continent of Ansalon, Northern Ergoth wasn't invaded by Mina's forces. They are the most powerful nation at the end of the War of Souls.

In an alternate dimention of Krynn, in the summer of 383 I.T., Northern Ergoth doesn't exist and is part of what is called Greater Ergoth. In this world the Kingpriest became a god.


Gwynned - Capital
Castle Crimson
Castle DiThon
Wind Dancer



Mystical and Holy Sites

Moon Steps


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