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Dargaard Keep

Article written by Kranar Drogin & Joe Mashuga

Dargaard Keep is a stronghold located in what was Knightlund and is now called Nightlund. Before the Cataclysm, Dargaard Keep was the home of the Death Knight, Lord Loren Soth, then a Knight of the Rose. During the War of the Lance, the keep was one of the major strongholds of the Blue Lady and her Blue Dragonarmy. During the Age of Mortals, it was used by Takhisis as a sort of prison for Lord Soth, to keep him hidden from the people of Ansalon. When Mina came to him during the War of Souls to ask him to lead the dead for Takhisis, he turned them both down. In anger, Takhisis restored Lord Soth's mortality and brought the keep down around him, apparently destroying him.


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