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Nightlund is a human land that shares its western border with Solamnia. Nightlund is north of both Lemish and Throt, west of Estwilde, and southwest of Nordmaar. Major geographical features include the Dargaard Mountains on the eastern border with Estwilde, and the Vingaard River which runs the length of Nightlund's western border and north to Kalaman. There is a large forested land of cypress trees west of the Dargaard Mountains called " The Grove".

Age of Might

Before the Cataclysm struck Krynn, Nightlund was called Knightlund. It was part of Solamnia and had been in Loren Soth's family for generations. It was a very rich, fertile land, and was very prosperous in trade. When Loren Soth was cursed by the gods for not preventing the Cataclysm, Knightlund was also cursed, shrouding it in perpetual twilight.


In the time following the Cataclysm, Knightlund was renamed to Nightlund for the perpetual twilight. It was a place of disease and plagues, killing the inhabitants of the land.

Age of Mortals

Following the Chaos War, Dalamar moved the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas to Nightlund. There he surrounded it in a forest of cypress trees to cover it from the prying eyes of the Dragon Overlords. Also, the borders of Nightlund were expanded north to Kalaman and south to Gaardlund by Takhisis, to keep the presence of Lord Soth a secret while she planned her attack on Krynn.

Since the War of Souls, the perpetual darkness that has covered Nightlund is no longer there. The once fertile lands are now exposed to bright sunlight.


A Knight's Rest


Kalaman - Capital


Dargaard Keep.


Soul's Wound


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