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Blöde is an Ogre nation located in the southern Khalkist Mountains, south of Taman Busuk and Khur, northwest of Silvanesti, and north of the Plains of Dust. Once separated between the mountainous realm of the ogres of Blöde, and the open plateaus of the human warlords of Blödehelm, the region is known for it's over-populated cities and the swamplands that now dominate the Blödehelm territory following the arrival of the dragon Onysablet. The Blöde region is covered on it's eastern portion by the Khalkist Mountains, and the western half is dominated by Sable's Swamp. A branch of the Thon-Thalas River runs along the southern border of the realm.

Age of Dreams

Around 6000 PC, Blöde was part of the original empire of the High Ogres, some of which would later become known as the Irda. Blöten was one of four cities that the king of the ogres resided in with Takar being the capital. After the Heresy of Igraine where Igraine would give his slaves some sort of freedom for greater production, the High Ogres degenerated into today's ogres, hulking brutes who don't have a high thinking capability.

Age of Might

Map of Blöde and the surrounding area as of 550 PC.
EnlargeMap of Blöde and the surrounding area as of 550 PC.
During the reign of Istar, Istarian armies hunted the ogres of Blöde. They were able to retreat into the Khalkist Mountains in order to save themselves from being slaughtered. The Empire of Istar confined them there until the Cataclysm.

Age of Despair

Following the Cataclysm, the ogres of Blöde moved down and started claiming land around the Khalkist Mountains. They established a principality to the west of the Khalkist Mountains, naming it Blödehelm (which translates into Common as 'Home of Blöde'). The rich and fertile plains initially became the agricultural center of the region, however the arrival of human warlords from the Plains of Dust, forced a bloody conflict between the warlords and the ogres. Ultimately the warlords and the ogres drew up a pact, in which the warlords claimed Blödehelm for themselves and the ogres remained in their mountainous home of Blöde.

During the War of the Lance, Blöde sided with the Nerakans and the Queen of Darkness in fighting Paladine's forces of good. They were not hoping to get right into the fighting right away, but were hoping they could take over Silvanesti due to the elves being an age-old enemy. They also provided a lot of food and supplies from Blödehelm to keep the Dragonarmies marching.

Age of Mortals

In the time following the Chaos War, Dragon Overlords came to Krynn. Onysablet, a huge black dragon, took over the lands in Blödehelm, slowly turning the lands into a huge swamp. In the time just before the War of Souls breaks out, almost all of the ogre lowlands had been turned in Sable's Swamp, and the ogres of Blöde were confined to Blöten in the Khalkist Mountains.

When the War of Souls does break out, the ogres of Blöde allied themselves with Mina's forces. They raised a large army, led by the new magic users, Ogre Titans. When the combined armies of Silvanesti and Qualinesti were marching on Sanction, the ogres of Blöde saw their chance to avenge themselves for many years of bloodshed. They surrounded the elves in a valley and attacked. Unluckily for the ogres, the Metallic Dragons returned to Krynn and destroyed their army. They returned to Blöten to heal and rebuilt their army after the War of Souls.

Blöde and Kern, another nation of ogres, have always been rivals, and are separated by the regions of Khur and Taman Busuk. The uneasy relations between the two nations has led to bloodshed in the past, as each denigrates the ogres of the other nation as yokels and fools. Blöde is also rivals with the dwarves of Thoradin, as the two nations fight over ownership of the Valley of Crystal, which is on dwarven land.


Blöten - Capital
Fortress Oberon
Hope's End
Queen's Shield
The Tooth
Titan's Hall (Giant's Hall)


Xak Mahyar

Geographical Features

Barony of Langtree
Giant's Road
Hope River
Huldre Valley
Khalkist Mountain Range
Ogre Peaks
Onyx Teeth
Reorxcrown Mountains
Silverstone River
Spider Dale
Takar Valley
Trueheart Mines
Valley of the Titans

Mystical and Holy Sites

Celestial Forge
Hammer Mountains
Strangled Heart
Voice of Chaos
World Balance


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