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Tanin Alontier Majere

Article written by Kranar Drogin

Tanin Majere (Argon 5, 358 AC – Summer, 383 AC) was born the son of Caramon Majere and Tika Majere. His siblings included brothers Sturm Majere and Palin Majere, and sisters Laura Majere and Dezra Majere. He was a nephew of the great Raistlin Majere.

Tanin was known to have been tall, with red curly hair, grim face, green eyes, and a brawny chest. Tanin was named after Tanis Half-Elven whom he idolized. He was known to have Tika's temper but also Tanis's demeanor of forgiving and forgetting. He also took great pride in his family and would always protect the family honor, even if it included fighting.

Early Life

Tanin grew up always wanting to be a Knight of Solamnia. He finally got his chance in 382 AC, when he and Sturm Majere were invited to join the knighthood. Tanin and his brother Sturm became the first non-Solamnics to join the Knights of Solamnia as a Knight of the Crown. Tanin always took the safety of his little brother Palin as his responsibility. He was also known to have a passion for games, and would allow gambling to override his common sense.

Chaos War

He died in the Battle of Thoradin Bay fighting against Knights of Takhisis and Tarmak, as did his brother Sturm Majere. His other brother Palin was captured, and took his brothers' bodies back to Solace with Steel Brightblade for a proper burial. He was buried in a linen shroud while Steel Brightblade, as a tribute, put Tanin's broken sword upon his grave. A Vallenwood Tree was planted over his grave in the tradition of the people of Solace.


Some said he had other brothers and sisters, including Leaf Majere, Kalin Majere, Dezerell Majere, Melody Majere, and Kaitlin Majere, but this was not true.


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