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Article written by Matt & Kranar Drogin

Welcome to the Dragonlance Lexicon project. The mission of the Lexicon is simple: to catalog every reference to any person, place, or thing in any published Dragonlance novel. In short, the Lexicon is a comprehensive encyclopedia of Dragonlance knowledge, compiled by a dedicated team of staff members who have spent months combing through over 100 novels worth of information and compiling it into an encyclopedic format.

The Lexicon project is well underway, with much of the primary research done on the vast majority of Dragonlance novels. However, in truth, the project will never be finished--it will always be a work in progress, because the shared world of Dragonlance is constantly changing with each new novel published.

Please use the major sub-categories below to jump into the content of the Lexicon, in order to learn more about the Creature, Culture, Geography, Gods, History, Magic, Organizations, People, Science and Technology, and Society of the Dragonlance world. Or, venture directly into the continents of Krynn: Ansalon, Taladas, Ithin'carthia, or Adlatum for more information.

In addition to the most recent articles at right, you may be interested in new additions over the past month, both to the Lexicon and the rest of the Nexus.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or anything else you'd like to let us know about the Lexicon project, please contact Kranar Drogin, the lead staff member.

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