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Mary Herbert NexusCon Chat Transcript

Monday, July 24, 2006

This is a transcript of the NexusCon Q&A session featuring Dragonlance author Mary Herbert.

Maryhh803 Enter text here...
Ravenmantle Welcome to the chat :)
Sephzero Greetings Mary.
Maryhh803 Whoa! Did something finally work?
Archangel21 Welcome Mary
Bnaa Welcome
Ravenmantle Hehe yeah something did finally work :)
Kranar_Drogin Hey Mary! Welcome
Sephzero Cheers to that.
Markus_Essers Hello
Maryhh803 Thank you, computer gods! I'm sorry to be late. We had a storm here, and I think the novelty of rain threw off my system.
Sephzero That can be such a bother.
Ravenmantle Markus, remember to join #dlance where you can post your questions
Bnaa No problem, welcome to the chat.
Maryhh803 No kidding. I am no computer whiz.
Maryhh803 And thank you. I am very pleased to be here.
Ravenmantle Now that the guest of honor is here, why don't we get this chat started :)
Kranar_Drogin Sounds good
Sephzero Aye.
Bnaa ok guys, I'm going to set the room to moderate now, remember to submit questions type /join #dlance
Archangel21 Aye aye captain
Kranar_Drogin I've been waiting for this one all day:)
Maryhh803 Kranar, you've been waiting for what?
Bnaa this chat, I'd imagine :)
Kranar_Drogin this interview
Ravenmantle Alright, before we go on to the questions, would you mind saying a few words Mary?
Ravenmantle Markus, type "/join #dlance" (without the " ") to join the room where you ask questions.
Maryhh803 Thank you so much for inviting to me this chat. I am excited, because I've never done something like this. I am also relieved that the computer decided to cooperate!
Ravenmantle Yeah, technology can be such a bother sometimes! :)
Maryhh803 How has this Con been working out? Have you had a good response?
Ravenmantle So far it's been a success :) We've had some very interesting chats.
Bnaa Yes, I think it's been quite positive so far :)
Sephzero Interesting stuff brought up and covered.
Maryhh803 That's great. By the way, is anyone coming to DragonCon?
Kranar_Drogin Not I, all the way down there in Georgia, I think Heron is
Ravenmantle Guys, feel free to answer the question :)
Carteeg Too many miles. Too little vacation hours. :-j
Archangel21 No, parents are working and it's too far
Sephzero It won't burn a hole in my wallet as my wallet would collase upon itself instead.
Bnaa wrong side of the world for me :)
Maryhh803 Which is why I don't usually get to GenCon.
Ravenmantle Yeah, the other side of the Pond and all that :)
Kranar_Drogin [Question] Do you have any novels or short stories in the works at all? And if so, can you say what they are about?
Ravenmantle And we're off.
Maryhh803 I just finished a short story for a DL anthology, and I am writing a novel for a German publisher.
Kranar_Drogin [Question] Is there any plans on going back to Ithin'Carthia, or would you like to visit that continent again?
Maryhh803 I have another series, the DARK HORSE series, that is selling like Harry Potter books . . . in Germany. But they pay well.
Maryhh803 I do not have any specific plans at the moment to go back there. But I wouldn't mind going again.
Kranar_Drogin [Question] What is this other series, is it only in German or English as well?
Maryhh803 TSR published the first five books of the Dark Horse series years ago, and they have made the rounds of the Sci-fi book club and a few reprints. Now they are in Germany and the Germans love them enough that the publisher wanted two more books. These two are new and so far, have not been bought by a US company.
Maryhh803 And yes, the German versions are in German. And no, I don't speak German. They are translated.
Bnaa I believe Carteeg has the next question.
Carteeg [Question] How long before we will be seeing Ulin and Lucy or Linsha again?
Maryhh803 I don't know. I am talking to Wizards about another trilogy with Linsha and the eight dragonlets. Would anyone be interested?
Carteeg Absolutely. :)
Sephzero Keeping track of eight of them ought to be crazy in an interesting sorta way.
Kranar_Drogin Wow, that would be great
Carteeg I don't remeber there being another series focusing on baby dragons in DL.
Bnaa This room is set to moderate, so that the questions don't bombard you, but the general consenus in the other room is yes :)
Kranar_Drogin Personally I like LInsha, and from your last series on her, you have won more fans to her cause than in her first book
Maryhh803 Oh, yes. The short story I wrote for the anthology is about the eight babies and Linsha. Keeping track of their growing personalities and actions was tricky.
Kranar_Drogin [Question] Can you say the name of the book? or the name of the story?
Maryhh803 The story is "The Eight". Original, huh? I don't know if Wizards has announced the name of the anthology or not, but it's all about dragons! One of my favorite subjects
Markus_Essers Can we expect to hear from Hogan Bight again?
Maryhh803 I know some people were not crazy about Linsha's first book. But I admit I liked Clandestine Circle.
Maryhh803 Oh, yes. If I have my way, Bight will be back.
Archangel21 [Question] I haven't read the Dark Horse series yet, what is the story behind it?
Maryhh803 It began as a short story about a girl who disguises herself as a boy to become a warrior so she can take revenge on the clan chieftain that killed her family. I know it's not very original, but that story grew to seven books and is in the 3rd generation.
Ravenmantle Kinda like Joan of Arc, only without the divine visions and French people ;-)
Archangel21 What are the books about?
Weldon [question] Mary, I loved your novel of Sara Dustan and Cobolt in Legacy of Steel. I was wondering if we fans might get to see more of Cobolt, despite his apparent death. How about his kids, (if he has any)?
Maryhh803 LOL. No French people. There's magic, though, and some great horses that look like Friesians, and some nasty bad guys, a little romance, a shape-shifter or two, a plague, several wars, a ghost, and a quartet of deities that can't keep their hands out of things.
Ravenmantle See? Just like Joan of Arc ;)
Ravenmantle Mary, did you catch Weldon's question?
Maryhh803 Wizards has not mentioned Sara and Cobalt to me in a long while. I would like to try to write a novel about the early years of the Legion, but the timeline blew by and I got Linsha instead.
Ravenmantle That would be very interesting, especially with Knightly Orders dealing extensively with the Legion.
Maryhh803 Sorry, even after twelve books, I still type like an old woman.
Archangel21 You said that the Dark Horse series has seven books is that including the two that are in german?
Maryhh803 Yes, they have six at the moment. I am working on 7.
Ravenmantle No worries Mary :) Let us know if things are going too cast.
Ravenmantle cast = fast
Bnaa See, Ravenmantle can't type either :)
Archangel21 Thanks
Maryhh803 No, this is fine. Patience is a virtue.
Ravenmantle That it is :)
Kranar_Drogin [Question] How much information did they give you on the Tarmak, did you have to create them totally on your own?
Maryhh803 I read a little about the Knightly Orders. I've got to get a copy! When does it come out?
Kranar_Drogin The PDF is out already
Kranar_Drogin the hardcover should be shortly
Sephzero It has only been released for PDF right now. The HC is coming in a few weeks I'd imagine from the printer.
Maryhh803 The only info I had on the Tarmak came from the short piece written as a report by Lord Ariakin. Mark S. made a few suggestions. The rest was mine.
Kranar_Drogin [Question] Going into the Linsha series, did you plan on killing Iyesta off or was this something WotC had slated to be done?
Ravenmantle My hero...Ariakan that is! :)
Maryhh803 I did it.
Kranar_Drogin [Queston] Are all the dragonets going to be named in your new story? Will there be one or two that sticks out more than the others?
Maryhh803 I always get his name wrong. Or I mix him up with Ariakis.
Maryhh803 All the dragonlets have names taken from the volcanoes around Sanction. Pat M. didn't complain, so I guess the names will stick.
Kranar_Drogin Huh, cool :)
Bnaa Carteeg, has the next question
Sephzero Whoa.
Carteeg [Question] Where did the idea of Lucy's hot potato attack come from?
Maryhh803 Oh, good grief. I don't exactly remember. I may have some across some silly story or news bit at the time, or it may have (I'm not kidding) come from a long memory of the potato incident in "Farmer Boy" by Laura Ingles Wilder.
Carteeg Don't know that one. :)
Ravenmantle Markus, you're up :)
Maryhh803 Think Little House on the Prairie. I'm talking about a LONG memory.
Markus_Essers maybe it would be interesting to jump forward and write a completely new story for the legion of the way: what is so challanging writing about the legion of steel?
Ravenmantle Not necessarily...that series runs on Danish TV at the moment :S
Maryhh803 The series is still here, too.
Ravenmantle Scary stuff! :)
Sephzero Longevity of it all.
Maryhh803 I wouldn't mind writing another Legion book. I really like the Legion and the Knights of Solamnia. I don't think it's difficult to write about the Legion, just to keep to the continuity of everything that has come before.
Maryhh803 Maybe I could try "Little House on the Plains of Dust"?
Kranar_Drogin [Question] Have you ever thought about having a half-dragon in your series, or is it impossible for Bight and Linsha to have children other than the magical artifact way?
Ravenmantle Please don't Mary! ;)
Kranar_Drogin Now that would be a great one....hehe
Sephzero Be interesting when it becomes a tundra again.
Ravenmantle Hehe
Maryhh803 Yes, I have thought about it. No comment.:)
Kranar_Drogin cool cool
Kranar_Drogin [Question] Is the new short story going to be based out of Sanction or will they move around?
Bnaa Kranar has plenty of other questions :)
Kranar_Drogin yes, I bombard her through e-mails, I bombard her on here ;)
Maryhh803 Yes, it's set in Sanction.
Kranar_Drogin [Question] Is there an area of Krynn that you would most like to write about or on that wouldn't involve Linsha?
Maryhh803 Definitely the Legion. It would be fun to try something more with the Tarmak, or elves. I haven't tried the elves yet.
DracosHeron Hello Ms. Herbert! Thanks for joining us. I have read your short stories but not your books. Hope to change that :P. [Question] What's the worse thing about writing a Dragonlance story?
Maryhh803 Trying to keep everything straight, in continuity, and true to the world. That is a challenge. But it's fun.
DracosHeron That seems like a tall order.
Ravenmantle [Question] Ben mentioned the half-dragon, which in gaming circles is a no-no in Dragonlance (officially anyway). How much attention do you pay to what's "canon" and what isn't? Does it affect your decisions regarding the use of specific story elements?
Maryhh803 Sometimes it is. Especially when you get conflicting information. Which ties into the next question. I don't game, I just don't have time, but I try to stay as close the specifics and details from the games as I can. I have quite a stack of gaming books. If there is a real question about how to handle a conflict, the editor usually decides.
Maryhh803 And Margaret has the last word.
DracosHeron [Question] Do you read everything or do you have a favorite writer?
Ravenmantle Just a note that we've reached the one-hour mark. If Mary's willing to do so we'll continue for a bit longer to make up for the late start :)
Maryhh803 I worship the ground Terry Pratchett walks on. He has a way with words I truly admire. Beyond him, the list is long. I read whenever I can, and I try to read alot. I like Margaret's books, and Anne McCaffrey, JRR Tolkien, Bernard Cornwell, Ellis Peters, Dick Francis. The list goes on.
Maryhh803 I can keep going until my husband gets home from his meeting. He will probably be hungry. Not a pretty picture.
Ravenmantle Alright, Markus has the next question.
DracosHeron lol, too funny!
Markus_Essers what influence does margaret has and how is this resolved?
Ravenmantle Mary, just say the word when it's time to wrap things up :)
Maryhh803 I like Margaret very much and respect her work and influence. She does read the manuscript submissions and will make suggestions. Usually quite good ones. As far as I am concerned, what she says, goes. She usually knows far more about the future and events in Krynn than I do.
Kranar_Drogin [Question] Most of your works are in the AC era of Krynn, would you consider doing a PC era book? And if so, what would it be about?
Maryhh803 I would consider just about anything in Dragonlance. Whether I would do it, would be up for study. I don't know it would be about. Dragons?
Kranar_Drogin [Question] Are Knights your favorite thing to write about? Or would it be dragons? Or something completely different?
Maryhh803 Knights. Dragons. the Legion. That would be my top three.
Kranar_Drogin Ok
Weldon [question] Concerning the half dragon thing, as DL continuity in general, do you ever think you'd ask fans to help you keep everything straight? like looking up the Lexicon or contacting the fans who are on Trampas's Whitestone council?
Maryhh803 Yes, I would. The Lexicon looks like it would be big help.I don't want to sound ignorant, but what is the Council?
Ravenmantle I think Trampas should answer that one ;)
Weldon Heheh. yeah. Trampas?
Trampas Just got in.
Maryhh803 Hi Trampas!
Trampas Hi, Mary! Glad you could be here. Mary, the Whitestone Council are a group of fans who have worked to keep Dragonlance gaming alive and to support Dragonlance in general.
Trampas (This is the short version.)
Trampas We've been helping Sovereign Press with their products and have been around for when authors have questions.
Trampas The Lexicon is one of our prides and joys, an online encyclopedia of all things Dragonlance. :)
Weldon And they've helped art recommendations for the DL movie. And helped give margaret and Tracy Dragonlance info when they ask.
Trampas So that's the very short version of things. If you ever need a hand or have a question, we'll be glad to help out.
Maryhh803 Ah!! I will keep that in mind!
Ravenmantle [Question] How did you become involved in the Dragonlance setting to begin with?
Maryhh803 I have a question. What do all of you think of the movie plans?
Ravenmantle Most of us are very excited about it :)
Sephzero I still need to see more visual and such before I can really weigh my opinion on it.
Trampas I'm ecstatic. Kiefer Sutherland as Raistlin!
Ravenmantle You can all answer that question :)
Archangel21 At first I wasn't all the excited but after seeign the voice actors I can't wait to see it
Maryhh803 Oh, I became involved with Dragonlance through my work with TSR. TSR published my Dark Horse books, and the editors liked the way I dealt with female characters.
Kranar_Drogin I was worried at first, but now that the dust is settling from the announcement I am happy
DracosHeron I am thrilled by any Dragonlance movie but have some fear of what the animation willl look like.
Maryhh803 Kiefer Sutherland stunned me. I am delighted.
Ravenmantle Yeah that is good news. I'm a huge "24" fan.
Ravenmantle Last question of the evening comes from Trampas.
Trampas [Question] Is there any chance that you will be writing about Ulin again, and if so, will you address his past as a dragon mage?
Weldon I'm a little worried, not by the story, but by the marketing and profit generating toys and stuff I need to keep track of.
Maryhh803 I hope to join Ulin and Linsha in a novel. I think it would be fun to have him join her with the eight dragonlets and Lord Bight and have to face his demons with magic and the missing Sunrise.
Weldon Raistlin Plush toy. Like the Cthulu Monster plush toy from
Maryhh803 I want the action figures!
Trampas Me too!
Maryhh803 Can't you see McDonalds' Happy Meal toys?
Bnaa LOL
Sephzero I could.
Bnaa I want to say thank very much for coming, I know I speak for everyone here when I say it's been great and thanks :)
Trampas Raistlin with light-up Staff of Magius.
Maryhh803 It has been great fun. Thank you so much for inviting me.
Sephzero Thank you very much as well.
Kranar_Drogin Thanks very much for coming! I know I bombarded you with questions again.
Bnaa Anytime :)
Archangel21 Thank you for coming
Maryhh803 No problem. Have a great evening.
Carteeg Thanks. :)
Kranar_Drogin Good Night
Trampas Good night, Mary!
Weldon And with Bratz and Teddyuuckspin MP3 player. he'd read you a tale of destruction.
Bnaa> I've lifted the moderation so the rest of the guys can say their farewells, Ravenmantle asked me to pass on his thanks and farewell too
Sephzero Good Evening then, Mary.
DracosHeron Night
Weldon Thank you Mary. Keep Writing. Your stuff of great. DL and Dark Horse
Maryhh803 Thank you!