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NexusCon ICRP Workshop Chat Transcript

Monday, July 24, 2006

This is a transcript of the NexusCon ICRP Workshop, hosted by Khirsah.

Khirsah Alright guys, since we only have three RPers this kinda shoots my idea out of the water, so i guess we're gonna just wing it
Ravenmantle Well, it's your call of course :)
Khirsah eh, i guess so...*thinks*
Khirsah Hey AA you got any ideas?
Archangel21 Do I ever have ideas?
Khirsah not good ones
Khirsah hehe
Khirsah Well right now i'm wide open to suggestions, Darc?
Darcwulf Er....
Khirsah ok guys, what do you feel is possibly your weakest area as an RPer?
Archangel21 Rp'ing kender and wizards in my casea
Carteeg Keeping the pace up when dealing with gnomes. :)
Ravenmantle I'd say that my weakest point is that I'm not quite sure how the thing works (ICRP that is). I'm not sure if it's like a game of D&D only without the dice and rules, or what it is...
Bnaa Yeah, I'm with Ravenmantle, how does it work?
Archangel21 To begin you of course make a charecter profile
Khirsah Well, it honestly depends on the person running the game, being the GM their word is law just like in a D&D game
Archangel21 A name, race, class, appearence, personality, equipment is the sort of skeleton bio
Ravenmantle So threads do have a DM who guides the story?
Archangel21 Yeah, the thread creater is usually the DM
Khirsah some play it more to the rules than others..yes, the DM guides everything, sometimes more loosely than others
Ravenmantle I just noticed that Heron has a thread in which he mentions D&D classes. I guess that's a case of being close to the D&D kind of game?
Khirsah characters for the most part are given freedom to do anything, but that can cause problems when they go gallevanting off on some random adventure
Ravenmantle Any DM's nightmare :D
Khirsah really his threads seem closer to a D&D game than many of the others
Ravenmantle So, is there a specific order in which people post?
Khirsah a lot of RPers seem to make Class synonomous with Occupation so it gets weird
Bnaa Again it matters on the DM
Ravenmantle Well, how do you prefer to run things when you run threads?
Archangel21 There is no specific order, but sometimes a DM will tell people to post once then wait for the others
Khirsah not really, most of the time the older rpers post in the order they first began the thread in so everyone gets a turn but sometimes it doesn't work out that way
Khirsah most of the "power posting" occurs in threads with newer members or less experienced players, at least from what i've seen
Darcwulf younger too
Khirsah that's a lot of it too, over eager teenagers
Khirsah it really can ruin a game
Ravenmantle So it's really a matter of seeing how the thread develops and going with the flow?
Khirsah pretty much, if you tend to play with the same people you know what to expect but otherwise you just have to do your best
Khirsah for example AA and i play together a lot, i know what to expect from him most of the time, i've never played with Darc through, so i'd have to try to take things slower and get a feel for the overall style of the game
Ravenmantle Makes sense. Often, it's the same with D&D gaming really.
Archangel21 Another thing you have to do as a DM is make sure the Rp'er fits the type of thread you want
Ravenmantle You get to know how your fellow players play and how they prefer things to be run
Khirsah yeah, sometimes it's easier than others
Ravenmantle Well that can be rather difficult, unless you make it a closed thread, right?
Khirsah yeah, but it's really sad that we NEED to make closed threads
Archangel21 Yes, that is why you see a lot more closed threads now
Khirsah back when i started on these boards you never saw a "closed thread" and when you did it was kind of insulting
Darcwulf People behaved?
Ravenmantle So what's the deal with the closed thread anyway?
Khirsah now you have to make one to keep people from ruining it with power posting, god-moding and general idiocy
Bnaa Yeah - the Closed thread thing is kind of off putting to those of us who don't venture in there often
Khirsah i feel like some old woman talking about the good ol days
Archangel21 The few ruin it for the masses. Closed threads are now more necassary because players will come in who god-mode, power-play, or who join a thread and in a week leave
Ravenmantle Couldn't you just warn about power posting or whatever in the initial post in the thread?
Khirsah it makes people feel unwelcome, and really wouldn't be needed if people took the time to learn common courtesy
Khirsah they don't listen
Archangel21 You could warn about it, but people still wouldn't listen
Khirsah post a thread asking for "experienced rpers" and you get 50 n00bs
Ravenmantle Aah I see. As one who doesn't play, I honestly feel that it seems a bit exclusive...
Ravenmantle But now I know why :)
Khirsah well most closed threads are easy to get in to (unless you're asking me ;p)
Archangel21 Also you can always make a thread and ask people you want to rp with to join
Khirsah just PM and ask if there are openings, 9 times out of 10 if there are and we know you aren't going to mess things up, you'll be let in
Ravenmantle Just a shame that's necessary as it does turn off a lot of people, I think.
Archangel21 It is a shame, a lot of newer rp'ers have a lot of potential, but are turned off by that
Khirsah sadly, i understand, if it had been like this when i joined i would have been afraid to post anywhere
Ravenmantle I think that's exactly why a workshop like this one is needed.
Bnaa Yeah
Khirsah pity no one bothered to show, though i can't say i'm horribly surprised
Darcwulf you still have us
Khirsah the ones that need it think they don't, that's what makes it so bad
Bnaa The thing I notice is that on the old forums DL.Com had, back when I was a mod there, the first day they were officially open there were closed threads
Khirsah aye good point
Khirsah wasn't like that here, i think the first closed thread popped up about 6mos to a year after it opened
Archangel21 Now among 20 threads there may be 1 open one
Khirsah people just wanted to play with the group they were familiar with, no big deal there, but then it got to where it you wanted to have a cohirent game you had to just invite those you knew well
Khirsah can't force people to learn to spell and use their brains when deciding things
Khirsah in one of the threads someone posted in the OOC forum, someone mentioned having a mage that could use a sword and such in battle, remember that AA
Archangel21 Yes I remember
Bnaa What's wrong with a wizard with a sword?
Darcwulf hey I have done that!
Khirsah when we mentioned that it was against every rule in DL, she just didn't care, because "it was fun"
Darcwulf Eldritch Knight!
Archangel21 You lose the balance in the thread
Archangel21 every charecter has a strength and weakness, a mages weakness is the inability to use swords and such
Archangel21 That is a sort of fail-safe to make sure that people do not power-play
Khirsah if you have someone who can call down a rain of fire and have no weakness in melee it is, in my definition, god-moding
Ravenmantle To be fair, the no-swords policy is a Wizards of High Sorcery thing :)
Bnaa Well it's a tradition, but the D&D game now allows for sword wielding wizards
Darcwulf Ah but what if you keep the mage weaker in the spells area the ocasional magic missile and invis
Khirsah i go by the books and as far as i remember, a mage with a sword is renegade
Ravenmantle Aye, but he can still cast spells ;)
Bnaa Not always :)
Khirsah mages of HS take the test at lvl 4, they have to, if you keep all mage abilities below that level then it's fine
Khirsah but what the person was talking about was taking it too far
Darcwulf Gilthanas took the test and still used his sword
Khirsah one case, on the whole i find that swords on mages unbalance the game
Archangel21 Hey I am sorry but I must go now
Khirsah ok, bye AA
Darcwulf just have to be careful to bleand
Darcwulf Seeya AA
Darcwulf meant blend
Archangel21 It has been fun and if anyone has any questions about Rp'ing feel free to pm me, I will be more than happy to help
Ravenmantle Missed it!
Khirsah if you can do it effectivly, fine, but the vast majority can't so i tend to keep that as one of my rules
Ravenmantle Well, I guess it's the player's duty to ask what's allowed and what isn't before entering a thread.
Darcwulf I see them functioning more like a ranger on the edges of the melee not in te middle
Khirsah possibly, i guess that could work, but like i said many people would go nuts with it
Bnaa A wizard in the D&D game with a sword is going to actually "hit" a lot less then his fighter counterpart, even if he takes levels in the fighter class.
Darcwulf I know
Khirsah ah, but the ICRP doesn't really run like that, it's written as a story type thing, so it's up to the player how often he hits
Darcwulf it is fun to play with
Darcwulf Damn Roland the magnificient isn't so magnificent after all
Ravenmantle See that's one I'm going to have problems with in the beginning. I'm used to letting the dice decide :)
Bnaa Ahh, see that's my mistake, I assumed that since the thread creator was like the DM that they'd say whether the enemy was hit or not.
Darcwulf No you get to decide if you hit or not
Khirsah in most threads the individual players decide, that's a big problem for some because they never know when to miss or when they get hit
Ravenmantle But won't that create another problem? Say some player decides that he strikes a killing blow to another character (for some reason)
Khirsah they power-play...PVP is one thing the GM has absolute power over
Darcwulf killing is different
Khirsah both characters must agree and if they don't and something like that happens
Darcwulf when it's the BBg
Darcwulf big bad guy
Darcwulf the Dm usually holds sway
Khirsah it's up to the GM to make consequenses, in my case they person is tossed out on their bottom and the character finds its way to the sawmill
Darcwulf in my experience that is
Ravenmantle So how much aobut the plot is revealed in advance? Is that also individual?
Khirsah yeah when it's the BBG it's the DM's call on when it dies
Khirsah it's up to the DM as to how much they reveal when recruiting people, i normally don't give more than a nibble and a vague idea
Khirsah i keep things under wraps till they happen, i find players have more fun with the surprise
Ravenmantle Aye, that's usually the case with D&D as well. Which is why I haven't read the Age of Mortals adventure trilogy yet.
Darcwulf I told aspen about the vague plot of the one I'started "stealing faith" she can help out keeping it in the right direction
Khirsah always more fun when you find out that that wasn't a REAL bouder than ran your friend overe
Khirsah i do that too sometimes, especially when certain things have to happen to keep things moving
Khirsah roadblocks are my nemisis
Darcwulf but while the plot is there, it is malleable enough to change adapt if something comes up
Ravenmantle So how do you prepare for a thread? Do you take notes or do you just wing it.
Ravenmantle ?
Khirsah oh yes, tweeks are absolutely vital, otherwise nothing makes sense
Darcwulf you know where you are going but not the route sort of thing
Darcwulf Rm as a player or Dm?
Khirsah GM's call, much of the time i have some kind of plan, for Into the Red i have a definate route that i plan to have them take
Ravenmantle DM
Khirsah there are a lot of threads with no real plot that turn into something cool, but there are more than just flop after a few directionles pages
Darcwulf For me at least basic plot, including the destination first. Then find the players and get their characters and you weave it a little tighter
Midnightstrider I'm here
Khirsah welcome
Midnightstrider Thanks :)
Darcwulf Like having a henchmen of the BBG be a family member of one the characters
Darcwulf G'day@!
Khirsah oh yes, something traumatic
Khirsah i mean...unexpected
Bnaa Hey Midnight
Midnightstrider Hey :)
Darcwulf One of the guys in the one I'm running wants his father to be undead but a good guy
Khirsah the bigger the surprise the more fun imo...undead and a good guy
Bnaa Beloved ;)
Ravenmantle Since when were Beloved good guys? ;)
Khirsah yeah really
Khirsah how can you make undead good?
Bnaa Well before they died :)
Midnightstrider But their dead now
Midnightstrider Zombies are never good ;)
Khirsah vampires are naturally evil...liches, evil....
Darcwulf a ghost who soul has been enslaved is what I'm thinking
Bnaa Yes, but he only said that he wanted his father to be a goodguy and undead, didn't say he had to be good while undead
Khirsah eh maybe a young vampire still fighting the curse
Khirsah the ghost thing works good too
Khirsah lol
Khirsah Bnaa stop twisting words :p
Bnaa But, I'm so good at it :D
Midnightstrider lol
Darcwulf if he is controlled by the BBG he can do bad things yet remain "good" maybe....
Khirsah maybe he could be evil but turn traitor
Khirsah or pretend to be good
Khirsah something cliche
Darcwulf yeah good idea Iwant surprise the player so that could work
Khirsah last thing they'd expect
Ravenmantle BRB
Bnaa The FR has a kind of good lich, it's kind of a protector.
Ravenmantle Balenor or something like that.
Khirsah a what?
Darcwulf baelnorn
Bnaa I don't remember barely looked at the FR books since the DL ones were released :)
Midnightstrider lol
Darcwulf undead elven protectors of their lost empires loot
Khirsah i knew i heard that name somewhere
Khirsah but would that really work?
Bnaa Doubtful
Darcwulf probably not lol
Khirsah wow we managed to fill up a hour
Midnightstrider It would have been more eventful if I hadn't missed the first hour ;););)
Bnaa How come you missed it? Was it confusion with timezones or something?
Midnightstrider No, I was trying to burn a DVD and lost track of time
Darcwulf finally got it right!!!
Khirsah who said we were done? i just said we filled up an hour
Khirsah lol
Bnaa :)
Midnightstrider lol
Khirsah if there are more questions i'm in no rush to go wash dishes
Ravenmantle Back
Bnaa hmm, well how about explaining how character creation is handled without rules?
Ravenmantle Yeah, that would be nice to know now that I'm gonna join some thread :)
Bnaa Welcome Back Ravenmantle
Khirsah well, you pick your class, race, gender and all that and type it up in a bio
Midnightstrider I've always diliked writing up bios
Midnightstrider *disliked
Ravenmantle If there are no game mechanic, why class? Could I just write bounty hunter or barmaid?
Darcwulf It is good check with Dm first as to what is wanted and the power level involved
Khirsah the rest is pretty much common sense, you try to stay at the "level" of the thread as best you can...
Khirsah you need a class to give you the basic skills and all that, there are some game mechanics involved but they're minimal
Khirsah like a ranger would know more about surviving in the wilderness than a rogue that grew up in the city
Khirsah a fighter would be able to wear armor neither of those two could
Darcwulf what is god is to name a class but then define it with non gaming details
Ravenmantle Such as bounty hunter (for ranger) or cutthroat (for rogue?)
Khirsah welcome back AA
Midnightstrider Hey AA21
Archangel21 Hello again
Darcwulf Ranger bounty hunter would give more of idea than just a "ranger"
Darcwulf Hey AA!!
Khirsah a bounty hunter could be a fighter, ranger or even a mage, mostly though it's synonomous with fighter
Khirsah it's another one of my many pet peeves
Khirsah people write merc or bounty hunter and never give you a real class
Archangel21 And that is something I learned when I made one of my charecters a bounty hunter
Darcwulf It helps define what skils the bounty hunter has for fellow rpers
Darcwulf That is big thing to remember you may have a firm idea of your character but those your gaming with can only go by what you have written
Ravenmantle With bounty hunter I was thinking more of the tracking skills. :)
Khirsah and gather information skills...
Khirsah i pretty much use the "bounty hunter" as a kind of additional template for the base class, drop unused skills and replace them with others
Khirsah but everyone does it differently i guess
Archangel21 I used bounty hunter because I don't like the term fighter:D
Darcwulf it is like bounty hunter describes whsat the character does with his class skills
Khirsah well a bounty hunter would be a specific type of fighter, it's a profession
Darcwulf fighter is way too generic, yes
Khirsah lovin the maturity Darc :p
Midnightstrider lol
Ravenmantle Anyway, I have to go semi-offline. I need to finish some articles. I'll still keep an eye on what goes on here, but I probably won't post much.
Khirsah aww but it's fun answering your questions
Ravenmantle If any of you have room for a newbie player in one of your threads, let me know. :)
Archangel21 If need be we can always make a thread for ya:D
Khirsah i think we could find room somewhere...AA what about that thread of yours that you haven't started yet
Ravenmantle Hehe, nah don't do that just for me :)
Archangel21 ....actually Khira's right, I can include you in that thread
Ravenmantle Well, PM me the details about the thread and I'll check it out :)
Khirsah that one is going to be fun, i get to play myself
Archangel21 Yes very fun....
Archangel21 ....very fun....I'd love to destroy a moderater's charecter:) :P
Khirsah ooook....more questions, comments....
Midnightstrider lol
Khirsah heh poor Raven
Ravenmantle One more question.
Khirsah ok
Ravenmantle Do you guys always stay on the ground as far as characters are concerned? Meaning, do you stick with core races and stay away from dragons, aurak draconians, powerful vampires, and all that?
Archangel21 we do not
Midnightstrider I remember one thread where half the people played dragons...
Khirsah i try to...i never much liked draconians or dragons in threads
Archangel21 In one thread I have a dragon trapped as a human, I know of two threads with vampires in them
Archangel21 and quite a few people use Draconions
Darcwulf Khirsah has a vamp in "Into the red"
Khirsah i have a vampire in one of mine but she's on a short leash
Khirsah a VERY short leash
Archangel21 There have been a few demon charecters too
Darcwulf lol
Khirsah HALF
Khirsah only full demon was Aki
Archangel21 that's who I was thinking of
Khirsah and he was the BBG
Khirsah oh ok...thought you were picking on Zaren again
Ravenmantle Vamps are kewl :p
Bnaa So demons are cool, but Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes?
Archangel21 me pick on Zaren....never....:D
Khirsah kender...irritating
Archangel21 Khira allows none of those three classes in her threads
Khirsah gully dwarves, not as adventurers
Midnightstrider Kender can be fun if played right
Khirsah gnomes...scare me
Archangel21 one day she allowed a kender in her thread....lets just say that kender caused quite a bit of trouble
Darcwulf People get carried away playing kender
Khirsah yeah, they get annoying too
Midnightstrider There are a few people who can play good kender
Khirsah i only ever liked KC's kender
Archangel21 Ditto
Bnaa That's always true of Kender, even in D&D
Bnaa But there's few other characters who will say "moo" to the minotaur :)
Khirsah the players intentionally try to screw things up
Darcwulf that is right defining kender as screw ups
Darcwulf or screw upers
Khirsah they use kender as liscense to be the most obnoxious ass in the world, pardon the word choice there
Midnightstrider Or they really can't rp
Khirsah that too
Khirsah but i'll admit, i'm racist against draconians and ogres
Khirsah and minotaurs to some degree
Bnaa Why minotaurs?
Midnightstrider I really can't stand ether of those three
Khirsah but all DMs have their own preferances
Darcwulf ogres can be as bad kender stereo typed big dumb monsters
Khirsah because there's a group of n00bs (not newbies, these guys have been around for a while) that play them and play them badly
Khirsah and they're about the only ones that play them
Bnaa Obvously I only speak from a D&D gamer perspective here, but minotaurs and Irda (even Gully Dwarves) have been PC races for like ever :)
Ravenmantle Hehe, I just learned something new! THere's a difference between n00bs and newbies :D
Khirsah so that's why i say "to some degree"
Khirsah there's a big difference
Khirsah newbies are new to the forum, n00bs are idiots that have no common sense or courtesy
Ravenmantle Well, thank you for clarifying :)
Khirsah love newbies, hate n00bs
Bnaa Don't the rest of us call those guys trolls?
Midnightstrider I had no idea there was a difference until now
Darcwulf the OO is the IQ
Darcwulf their IQ
Khirsah yup
Midnightstrider lol
Khirsah no bnaa, trolls are more intellegent
Archangel21 trolls come on to be mean and bash people
Archangel21 n00bs are just ignorant and stupid
Khirsah eh...i dunno why but i just want to throw this out there...
Khirsah For all the ICRP frequent fliers: What do you see as the biggest problem in the ICRP?
hawaiiandragon poor planned threads, like a the few of mine that ive done, its been ok so we should do this, and then thats all you think ahead about
Darcwulf dealing with people that aren't the best a t rp
Midnightstrider Yeah, I haven't RPed in a while, but more planning could deffinately be helpful
Khirsah a good point HD, but a problem easily solved with a little time and planning. Maybe less threads would be made but more would live
hawaiiandragon and threads that live out are so much better than 5 page threads that die
Khirsah and Darc, i totally agree...and resent that only time and practice help
Midnightstrider We could make a newbie thread to two
Midnightstrider *or
Khirsah IMO that's part of the problem
Khirsah they need to play with experienced people to learn
Darcwulf I agree
Midnightstrider What about inviteing more experienced players into the newbie threads?
Khirsah instead they just have the same habits reinforced by others like them
Darcwulf but that can pee off the experienced players who then retreat
Khirsah that could work if you find some that are more tolerant, i try to RP with some new people if i think i can stay sane
Bnaa I think a problem as an outsider, to the ICRP forums, and a D&D player as I see it, there's a percieved lack of rules. I don't know if this is true or not, but it seems like it.
Darcwulf Yes we need our sanity
Khirsah it's actually easier to invite a couple newbies to threads with experienced RPers
Midnightstrider Some people must be willing to help the needy...
Darcwulf All that newb eagerness
Khirsah they pick up faster when they have the layout and such from calmer more experienced RPers that will call them on their mistakes
Midnightstrider Personally though, I can only take so many newbs
Khirsah and Bnaa, there are few "rules" that extend to all threads, they are mostly dependent of the GM
Khirsah i can take a newb or two as long as i have backup
Midnightstrider Yeah
Khirsah or if i have their IM addy so they can ask questions
Khirsah Raist M and Storm learned that way, mostly by asking questions and getting info before they posted
Midnightstrider I learned that way, back in the day