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NexusCon Art Workshop Chat Transcript

Monday, July 24, 2006

This is a transcript of the NexusCon Art Workshop, hosted by Darcwulf.

Midnightstrider As am I
Darcwulf If you could open the above link....
Darcwulf There is a lot to do when drawing a fantasy character
Darcwulf so I thought we would do just part a start
Darcwulf some faces of different races
Darcwulf and archtypes of DL
Darcwulf to start
Darcwulf all you need do is draw circle 5cm in diameter
Darcwulf a couple of inches for those lost in time
Bnaa (Just want to say Wow here)
Darcwulf You then add underneath five lines like in the third image on the page so you have a basic face
Midnightstrider brb
Darcwulf That is basically the foundation for all faces you just tweak these elements to get the differentraces
Midnightstrider whats the link to the page?
Darcwulf can you get it?
Midnightstrider Wow, thanks lol
Midnightstrider Yup, it's working
Darcwulf sorry if some of the images are a little light but I'm having severe scanner problems at the moment
Midnightstrider no, their great
Bnaa Look great to me.
Midnightstrider Better then mine right now lol
Darcwulf What you do next is find the half way point
Archangel21 It's okay for me too
Darcwulf and draw line right across to mark where the eyes go
Darcwulf What we are doing is shown in the image second in three down
Darcwulf the next bit is the most difficult as it a judgement call
Darcwulf you need to put a line above the eyeline to show where the eyebrows go
Archangel21 Is the line we just drew going to be where the center of the eyes will be?
Darcwulf then halfway between the eyebrows and the chin is where the bottom of the nose shold go
Midnightstrider We accually draw the nose in?
Darcwulf AA21 the centre of the eye line goes right through the middle of the eyes
Archangel21 kay
Darcwulf Midnight - just a line for the moment
Midnightstrider okay
Darcwulf last bit of the frame work is dividing the area between the nose and the chin in three
Bnaa Hello SarinLorebow, welcome to the art workshop.
Midnightstrider So, just another couple lines between the nose and the chin?
SarinLorebow hello all
Midnightstrider Hello Sarin
SarinLorebow i am despaired at my stick men
Darcwulf midnight yep
Darcwulf Hello sarin
SarinLorebow hello
Darcwulf the top of the two lines is the bottm of the top lip
Midnightstrider Are we drawing the lips in now?
Darcwulf the second line is the hollow under the bottom lipth top of the chin bone
Darcwulf Midnight hold off a bit on that
Midnightstrider Sorry
Darcwulf there is a difference in male and female mouths
Darcwulf Midnight not a prob
Midnightstrider lol
Bnaa Sarin, this link was provided
Darcwulf oaky the eyes
Darcwulf ok!!!
Bnaa Sorry Darc :)
Archangel21 Great the part I'm horrible at....along with the nose, mouth, face, and body
Midnightstrider lol
SarinLorebow lol
Darcwulf No I spelt okay wrong doh!
SarinLorebow so are we looking at a specific picture right now?
Darcwulf the frame work two in, rhree down
Darcwulf got it?
SarinLorebow yeah, thanks
Darcwulf divide the eyeline into five even sections
Darcwulf this gives the width and place of the eyes
Midnightstrider Thats a really good trick
Midnightstrider I'm always trying to make the eyes even
Darcwulf if you right click and open the image in another window you can see the scale easier
Darcwulf That is the basic framework for a face what you do next depends on what you want at the end
Archangel21 brb
Darcwulf we will tart with a human as it is easiest
Darcwulf start I meant
Darcwulf the simplest way to do eyes is to do like in the dwarf male image the last
Archangel21 back
Darcwulf just a curved line to show the top of the eye- WB AA21
Darcwulf when doing eyes the bottom of the eye should stand out less than the top lighter thinner even only partially there
Darcwulf if you a re doing a female the eyes need eyelashes
Darcwulf but you draw them as whole not each individual lash
Darcwulf next add the eyebrows over the eyes
Darcwulf arched but you slant them down slightly in the middle towards the nose
Darcwulf for the nose - male noses are drawn more substantiual ladies get delicate barely there noses
Darcwulf if you check the ist image you will seenoses for females starting with just two dashes for nostrils
Darcwulf Best probably to right click and open in a new window
Darcwulf the middle nose a slightly more detailed female nose
Darcwulf the last is a male but to make it truly male adding a line for the sides of nose works well
Darcwulf like in the kender male image
Darcwulf as for mouths male mouths are simple less defined while ladies get the full on treatment
Darcwulf as shown in the first image the top lip for blokes is just a thick line and the bottom just outlined
Darcwulf you put tooo much detail in a mouth it becomes feminine
Darcwulf for the female well there is one in the 1st image you can get the idea from that
Darcwulf ears are easy to place if you just remeber that the tops are level with the eye and the bottom level with the nose
Darcwulf but
Darcwulf the ears continue to grow throughout life so you draw them a little larger as if doing an older person
Darcwulf any questions? are you still all there?
Archangel21 yeah
Archangel21 I'm here
Bnaa Yes, I'm still here.
Bnaa :)
SarinLorebow yup
Darcwulf Questions?
Archangel21 none
Bnaa none here
Darcwulf If not decribe racial differences
Darcwulf If no questions ....
Midnightstrider hold on, i'm still on ears
Darcwulf 'kay
Midnightstrider Okay, I'm all caught up
Darcwulf the image of the wizard the one on its side for some reason shows the ears well the second image
Darcwulf don't know why it is on it's side though...
Darcwulf Oh forgot hair Doh
Midnightstrider Yeah, my girl has a big head without hair ;)
SarinLorebow hehe, same here
Darcwulf hair is difficult for to describe just because of the variety of styles but if look at the various examples I did
Darcwulf you can get a few ideas human female and elf female are both simple easy ones for ladies towards the bottom of the page
Darcwulf short hair for a guy is shown in kender male (just don't add the topknot!)
Darcwulf receding hair is shown in the Solamnic knight image
Darcwulf Sorry if this hair bit is a lot of look and copy but like I said the variety makes it diffcultdescribe
Midnightstrider hair is easy ;)
Archangel21 for you maybe
SarinLorebow hola!
Darcwulf don't think of hair when drawing it as each individual hair but as shapes
Darcwulf er don't know if I said that right
Darcwulf G'day Rr
Raistlinrox Hello
Midnightstrider Wow, I had no idea I was capeable of anything other than anime
Darcwulf Try this link Rr
Archangel21 mines not half bad, give me a minute and I'll link it
Bnaa Excellent
SarinLorebow yup, i'm pretty proud of mine
Bnaa Darcwulf, would you mind if we posted this workshop to the Nexus?
Midnightstrider Mine to lol
Darcwulf Anime is actually a great place learn basics you just need to adjust proportions and stuff
Raistlinrox some good stuff there
Midnightstrider Well, now I can improve my anime ;)
Raistlinrox I like the Laurana a lot
Archangel21 Very good, I thought my stuff would look like C***, but it looks pretty nice
Darcwulf B'naa only if you post a warning not expect too much
Midnightstrider Excellent job Darcwulf, you taught AA21 to draw ;)
Bnaa Well I know that there are some people at least another 2 who aren't able to be here, but wanted to be.
Darcwulf Rr that is a more complicated one but laurana started with the basics I've described here today
Archangel21 He's achieved the seemingly immpossible
Darcwulf Who?
SarinLorebow lol
Midnightstrider lol
Archangel21 you have
Archangel21 mind you it needs to be cleaned up but here it is
Raistlinrox is there a way to see the earlier posts? I didn't get to see the basics you described earlier....
Archangel21 Sry wrong link here
Midnightstrider Good job
Midnightstrider brb
Raistlinrox too much blue...
Bnaa The tutorial will be posted on the Nexus, for those who missed it. Darcwulf, how long can we assume those images will be availiable? If it's a issue of hosting, I'm sure something can be worked out :)
Darcwulf they can stay for a while there is no prob with that
Bnaa ok cool thanks :)
Archangel21 And thanks for the workshop
Archangel21 it was wonderful
SarinLorebow yes indeed, thanks for the help
Midnightstrider I love your Laurana drawing
Bnaa Yes, thank you for the workshop. You did a great job