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Sovereign Press NexusCon Chat Transcript

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Transcript of the chat with Sovereign Press during NexusCon.

The following is a transcript of the Sovereign Press chat, held July 17, 2006 during NexusCon.

<@Sephzero> Greetings Jamie.
<+Carteeg> hello
Welcome to the nut house Jamie
Greetings Jamie
<@JamieChambers> Enter text here...Hi there!
<@Ravenmantle> Greetings Jamie!
<@JamieChambers> Enter text here, huh?
<@JamieChambers> How funny.
Morning Jamie
<@JamieChambers> Howdy folks!
<@Bnaa> Hello Jamie, I'll get the room set to moderate now if you'd like
<@JamieChambers> Sean Everette will be joining us in a few moments.
be right bac refresh
<@Ravenmantle> Alright, we'll start as soon as Sean gets here :)
<@JamieChambers> Should be coming in any moment.
<@Ravenmantle> Also, Cam said earlier that he MIGHT join us as well.
<@JamieChambers> That would be excellent!
<@JamieChambers> It's Sean!!
<@Sephzero> Greetings Whyndam.
<+Carteeg> hello
<@Whyndam> It's Me!
<@Ravenmantle> Welcome to the chat Sean :)
<@Bnaa> Welcome Sean :)
<@Whyndam> Hi everyone!
<@JamieChambers> Whyndam = Sean Everette, for those who don't remember his boards nickname.
Welcome Whyndam
<@JamieChambers> Sean has ducked out of cooking dinner for his family to join us.
<@Whyndam> Sorry I'm late. I was cooking dinner.
Coulda ordered Pizza:D
<@JamieChambers> In a few, we might be able to talk the beautiful and mysterious Renae Chambers, our art director (among other things) into joining us.
<+Carteeg> Woo! ;)
<@Ravenmantle> Alright, it seems that we're ready to get this thing started. First of all, I'd like to say thanks to both of you guys for joining us! We know that Sov. Press is busy with Con season and various projects so we appreciate you dropping by!
<@JamieChambers> Yes, we actually leave for our trip to San Diego tomorrow night!
<@Whyndam> No problem! Glad to be here.
<@JamieChambers> For Comic-Con.
<@JamieChambers> But we're happy to spend some time with you guys. Poor Margaret is still recovering from the first leg of her book tour.
<+Kranar> Yes, we were killer in Chicago. :)
<@JamieChambers> If you haven't checked out their podcasts, you should check out right away. A real treat for DL fans everywhere.
<@Ravenmantle> Must be quite an ordeal with book tours and movies and everything else going on!
<@Whyndam> With a couple of Serenity plugs thrown in. :-)
Yeah the Dragonhearth is...especially since the tour is no where near me
<@Bnaa> Hello everyone, please join #dlance to submit your questions, and #nexuscon to ask them. To join the other channel type "/join #dlance" The #NexusCon channel will be set to moderate, so only those with a @ or a + before their name will be able to speak.
I look forward to seeing you guys at Dragon*Con. First con in 12 years.
<@JamieChambers> So here we are, ready to focus on Dragonlance but also happy to answer questions about our "other" company's products. (Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd.)
<@Ravenmantle> Alright, let's get the ball rolling :)
<@Bnaa> The floor is yours, now guys :)
<@JamieChambers> As you know, we've recently put KNIGHTLY ORDERS OF ANSALON by Sean, Nicole Harsch, Clark Valentine, and Trampas Whiteman up in PDF form -- and it's also off to press and should be on shelves in mid-August.
<@JamieChambers> This was Sean's dream project, so I let him completely run with it.
<@JamieChambers> So in other words... it's all his fault.
<@JamieChambers> ;-)
<@Bnaa> I've bought a copy, it's a fantastic book :)
<@JamieChambers> Only a little over an hour ago I put up the first web enhancement on the website, the Ergothian Cavalier.
<@JamieChambers> --which is a topic that might be of interest to a certain novel coming out next year...
<@Ravenmantle> Yeah, it's great. For those of you who haven't done so, I suggest you download it.
<@JamieChambers> Sean, anything you'd like to say about KNIGHTLY ORDERS?
<@JamieChambers> Tell the folks what they'll be getting. :-)
<@Whyndam> Thanks for the plug, Jamie. SOrry about the delayed response. I had a phone call about a new car that I'm getting.
<@JamieChambers> Don't even ask what happened to Sean's last car!
<@Whyndam> Knightly Orders is definitely the one book that I HAD to be a major part of. I made it no secret that the Knights of Solamnia are by far my favorite part of the setting.
<@Whyndam> This book is definitely the project that I am proudest of out of all projects I've been involved with.
<@JamieChambers> If you like what we've done with TOWERS OF HIGH SORCERY and HOLY ORDERS OF THE STARS, I think you'll really dig the expansion to the Knights of Solamnia, the Dark Knights, and the Legion of Steel.
<@Whyndam> Everyone who worked on it with me did an amazing job.
<@Whyndam> I agree with what Jamie said.
<@JamieChambers> There are lots of great options now for warrior, arcane, and divine-based characters in Dragonlance and a TON of new information about the world, its history, its people, etc
<@JamieChambers> A nice mix of fluff and crunch.
<@Bnaa> We've got a few questions rolling in, so if you're ready, I'll give those who have the questions a voice to ask:)
<@Whyndam> This is also the first book that Jamie had pretty much nothing to do with, so if something's wrong with it, it's definitely not his fault. :-)
<@JamieChambers> Yeah, let's open it up.
<@Whyndam> Go for it.
<@Bnaa> Archangel, you can now ask your questions :)
<+archangel21> Do you guys have any plans for future sourcebooks?
<@JamieChambers> As a point of side interst, I first met Margaret and Tracy as moderator in a chat much like this one!
<@JamieChambers> Hey Cam!
<@Bnaa> Welcome Cam!
<@cam_banks> Hey folks!
<@Whyndam> We do. Our next sourcebook is going to be Races of Ansalon.
<@Whyndam> Hello, Mr. Banks! :-)
<@cam_banks> I have all of the East here in my office...
<@cam_banks> We're discussing GenCon plans!
<@JamieChambers> Yes, much of which has already been written, and right after Comic-Con we'll begin the last phase in getting it ready for this fall.
<@JamieChambers> It will expand racial information and options just as KNIGHTLY ORDERS did for knightly organizations.
<@Whyndam> We joke that Cam and Clark and their amazingly talented editor wives are Sovereign Press East, because of the amount of work they do for us.
<+archangel21> And a second question: We see that the Online Store has Before the mask, is there any chance of seeing the other Villians books there?
<@Whyndam> That's a Jamie and Renae question. :-)
<@JamieChambers> Sometimes the suppliers we work with discover old TSR books hiding in their warehouse. When they pop up, we grab 'em!
<@JamieChambers> But other than that, we can't promise to get old out-of-print stuff because, well, it's out of print.
<@Ravenmantle> Alright, I think Heron has a couple of questions.
<@JamieChambers> We did a massive re-stock recently, and Sean's sister is interning with us this summer. One of the things she'll be working on is making sure everything we actually have is listed as available and vice versa.
*** Quits: DracosHeron (Quit: Snak 5.1.1 Unregistered copy. Evaluation period is over. Program will now quit. Thanks for using Snak. )
<@JamieChambers> D'oh!
<@Bnaa> That was unexpected
<@JamieChambers> That's what he gets for using shareware. ;-)
<@JamieChambers> To expand on the previous question, we have some interesting things for next year as well.
<@cam_banks> Whoops!
<@Ravenmantle> Heron warned us that his connection is unstable to say the least.
<@Bnaa> Carteeg you've a question
<@JamieChambers> We have another book in mind that will be called THE DRAGONS OF KRYNN (or something similar, final title TBD) that will have lots of info...
<@Whyndam> Dragons of Krynn anyone...
<@Whyndam> Heh
<@Ravenmantle> Good news for little ol' Ravenmantle!
<@JamieChambers> ...on dragons, draconians, dragon-spawn, and other cool stuff. It will also offer a new campaign model where you PLAY as a dragon, in a campaign that could cover thousands of years of Dragonlance history.
*** Joins: DracosHeron
<@cam_banks> Thousands of years!
<@Ravenmantle> Welcome Heron! You had a couple of questions?
<@cam_banks> Not just hundreds. Or even decades.
<@JamieChambers> We also very well might be publishing a companion volume to come out with the movie next summer!
<+DracosHeron> Yes. Sorry about that. Will you guys pursue a 4th edition Dragonlance?
<@JamieChambers> That right, Cam. Other companies do hundreds of years. We'll tackle eons!
<@cam_banks> I like that we don't do anything small.
<@JamieChambers> The real answer to that question is we don't know.
<@Whyndam> Would we like to? You bet!
<@JamieChambers> We don't know exactly when 4th Edition is coming, we only know our current license lasts for another year after this one.
<@JamieChambers> It all depends on what Wizards/Hasbro wants to do, the conditions of the market, etc.
<+Carteeg> I'll stand in line. :)
<@JamieChambers> I'd love for us to shepherd Dragonlance into a new edition of the game if there is one coming. But we'll have to see.
<@cam_banks> 4th edition will, of course, be entirely based on Hecatomb cards.
<@JamieChambers> !
<@Whyndam> Ack!
<@cam_banks> They need to do something with them!
<@JamieChambers> I have two unopened packs, right next to my RACE DAY packs from WizKids.
<+DracosHeron> Thanks! Whyndam: What has working on Knights of Ansalon taught you about Dragonlance fans?
<@JamieChambers> (Sean has to consult his attorney before he answers that one.)
<@Ravenmantle> Hehe!
<@Whyndam> That you guys really want your sourcebooks and that you want them now! ;-)
<@JamieChambers> ;-)
<+DracosHeron> lol
<@Whyndam> Since I was in charge of that book, all of it's latest is my fault.
<@cam_banks> Yes.
<@cam_banks> Missing hit die type? Sean's fault.
<@JamieChambers> I am perfectly comfortable blaming Sean.
<+DracosHeron> lol
<@Whyndam> Lateness, even.
<@JamieChambers> But we're working hard, folks.
<@Whyndam> See, but then I get to turn around a blame Cam in private.
<@JamieChambers> KNIGHTLY ORDERS is almost with us, and DRAGONS OF AUTUMN is hot on its heels.
<@cam_banks> I type better, though.
<@JamieChambers> And PRICE OF COURAGE is rounding the corner, gaining on 'em. (And of course Cam is ready to talk about that one, too. Hee hee.)
<@Whyndam> Dragons of Autumn is completely laid out and will be going to WotC for approval tomorrow.
<+DracosHeron> awesome!
<@cam_banks> I love talking about Price of Courage.
<@cam_banks> Do I need to use caps?
<@cam_banks> I love talking about PRICE OF COURAGE.
<@JamieChambers> There ya go.
<@Ravenmantle> That's good news, especially for those going to GenCon I imagine.
<@Ravenmantle> Will it be available at GenCon? Or is that still too early to tell?
<@Ravenmantle> Dragons of Autumn that is :)
<@JamieChambers> We will certainly have KNIGHTLY ORDERS and DRAGONS OF AUTUMN at Gen Con. PRICE OF COURAGE could be there or not, depending on how fast the last few stages go. But it's a monstrous adventure, ready to wuss-slap THE WORLD'S LARGEST DUNGEON and RUINS OF UNDERMOUNTAIN, and DRAGON MOUNTAIN while we're at it.
<@Whyndam> In one way or another, I'm pretty sure it will be. Even if Jamie and I end up making the books ourselves.
<@cam_banks> I totally write huge.
<@JamieChambers> DRAGONS OF AUTUMN actually came in exactly the page count it's supposed to, at 176.
<@JamieChambers> Which is still bigger than KNIGHTLY ORDERS...
<@Bnaa> Hello thekosta, please join #dlance to submit your questions, and
<@Bnaa> #nexuscon to ask them. To join the other channel type "/join #dlance" The #NexusCon channel will be set to moderate, so only those with a @ or a + before their name will be able to speak.
<@JamieChambers> Another question?
<+Carteeg> How much of a heads-up do you guys get in regards to major changes or influences coming in the novels when you're trying to compile things for the sourcebooks?
<@cam_banks> *whistles*
<@JamieChambers> Things are getting better on that front.
<@JamieChambers> They have been... not so great in the past.
<@JamieChambers> Margaret and the chief editor, Pat McGilligan, are getting a better handle on things moving forward.
<@JamieChambers> So we know the big stuff, but we don't always know the smaller details (that seem huge to the fans) that authors are going to slip in.
<@JamieChambers> For example, I knew the main story points of Doug Niles' new trilogy, but I didn't know he would present the knighthood very differently than we've seen it in the past.
<@cam_banks> There is a lot more communication going on now than there was.
<@JamieChambers> But we're getting access to some more of the novels early, but now we need time to read them!
<+Carteeg> That would probably be needed. :)
<@cam_banks> I remember reading.
<@cam_banks> Is that the bit where there are letters and words?
<@JamieChambers> Something like that. I dunno.
<+Carteeg> How are the odds shaping up for a Taladas Campaign Setting/Expansion Sourcebook being developed after the Pierson Trilogy is complete?
*** Joins: Trampas
<@cam_banks> Yaggol!
<@JamieChambers> Ultimately, it really depends on whether or not we continue our license past the summer of 2007.
<@JamieChambers> I'd really love to do a new Taladas sourcebook, but we want to let Chris finish his trilogy first and then produce a top-notch game product afterwards.
<@Bnaa> Welcome Trampas :)
<@JamieChambers> Hey Trampas!
<@Trampas> Hey, guys!
<@cam_banks> "Yaggol" is my nickname for Trampas.
<@cam_banks> Actually, it isn't.
<@Ravenmantle> Fitting :D
<@Trampas> lol
<@Trampas> I'm having brains for dinner, actually, so it's fitting.
<@cam_banks> I don't think Taladas fans would settle for anything but the best and most up to date product, so there's no point in releasing it too soon.
<@JamieChambers> Dinner sounds nice, even brains.
<@Whyndam> Yum!
<@Sephzero> Ain't that something.
<@cam_banks> Clark and Amanda bought us burritos for dinner.
<@JamieChambers> My patient wife is waiting on me to be done chatting so we can go to dinner.
<@JamieChambers> That's what I had for lunch!
<@JamieChambers> Next q?
<@Trampas> I'm eating lasagna. Anyway...
<@Bnaa> Kranar, you're up
<+Kranar> know you have talked about doing a DRAGONS OF KRYNN which I assume would be set Pre-Cataclysm, do we foresee any other types of Pre-Cataclysmic books, ie Third Dragon War?
<+Kranar> dang colors
<@cam_banks> Ack
<+Kranar> Sorry about that
<@JamieChambers> That's another book topic that we might do in the future. A main difficulty with doing Dragonlance sourcebook is that there are only so many really broad topics.
<@JamieChambers> The more specific we get, the more reason our customers have to say "no" to it.
<@cam_banks> The amount of source material from the older game books and novels makes a difference, too.
<+Kranar> Or how about something more recent such as the Chaos War? Or was that covered too much already?
<@JamieChambers> So while an AGE OF MIGHT and THIRD DRAGON WAR sourcebook might be the exact thing you're looking for, but others might say, "Well my campaign is in the Age of Mortals, so I don't need that."
<@JamieChambers> However, there are still some big topics left to explore.
<@cam_banks> There was a lot of that kind of response to the Age of Mortals, even.
<@JamieChambers> LEGENDS OF THE TWINS was a fun way to touch on time travel, other eras, etc.
<@JamieChambers> I think a CHAOS WAR supplement is something we've seriously considered.
<@Trampas> I think a Chaos War sourcebook would be great, especially since it ties into Dragons of Summer Flame. Many fans of the Dark Knights remember them at their prime, and it would be great to explore that.
<@cam_banks> Like you!
<@JamieChambers> Heh.
<@Trampas> I'm biased, of course! ;)
<@Ravenmantle> I'd personally love such a sourcebook. But I do see the difficulty in getting too specific.
<@cam_banks> I think this is why we cross many eras with general sourcebooks.
<@JamieChambers> But that time period is of interest, even the world leading up TO the Chaos War -- a neat time for adventure after the War of the Lance.
<+Kranar> If that were the case to do a Chaos War book, would you touch upon the other continent of Ithin'carthia then?
<@JamieChambers> Touch on, possibly -- but we focus on Ansalon for the reasons discussed above.
<@cam_banks> Which is why there won't be a ADVENTURES OF CHORANE hardcover.
<+Kranar> Will the Tarmak be expanded upon in the Races of Ansalon?
<@JamieChambers> Lots of fans might say Ithin-what?!
<@JamieChambers> Yes, we've given them some real estate in the book.
<+Kranar> Thats all from me for now. :) Thanks
<@Trampas> Thanks, Ben.
<@JamieChambers> Heh. Not much more to say to that one, other than "Yes!"
<+archangel21> Jamie: How is the first book in Tracy Hickman presents going?
<@JamieChambers> Thanks very much for asking!
<@JamieChambers> I've got a tough deadline, but I think the book is coming together quite nicely.
<@JamieChambers> I'm going to be taking the laptop with me to San Diego and get some serious writing done at the airport and on the plane.
<+archangel21> Is there anything you can tell us about the story: Era, races, etc?
<@JamieChambers> Here is a first hint for you guys about the series...
<@JamieChambers> The series is called, Tracy Hickman Presents: The Anvil of Time
<@JamieChambers> In the first book (mine!), a historian is charged with using the Anvil to travel back in time and find some of the lost stories of Krynn.
<@JamieChambers> And particularly, how people who have been overlooked in the history books yet have had a tremendous impact on the world.
<+archangel21> Sounds very interesting
<@JamieChambers> The first adventure takes place WAY back in history, before Huma, during the period of the Rose Rebellion and the decline of the Empire of Ergoth.
<@cam_banks> It's a really neat concept.
<@Sephzero> That is quite the backdrop setup there.
<@cam_banks> Like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.
<@JamieChambers> There is a town that has declined with the Empire, named Paesten, and a few seemingly unimportant people who live there make a tremendous impact on the history of Ansalon.
<@JamieChambers> I hope you guys and gals will check it out and that you enjoy the tale.
<+Kranar> Well, if it is Dragonlance related, there is not a doubt about it from me.
<+Darcwulf> Definitely!
<+Kranar> Especially history time travel
<@Ravenmantle> Hehe many of us feel that way I think :)
<@Bnaa> Sounds fantastic, any hint of release?
<+archangel21> Which is easier for you writing a novel or working on a sourcebook?
<@Sephzero> There is a cup of tea for ya.
<@Ravenmantle> Hey there Weldon!
<@Trampas> Weldon!
<@Sephzero> Greetings Weldon.
<@JamieChambers> I think we're looking at summer/early fall of next year -- but until it's in the catalog we don't know for sure.
<@Bnaa> Welcome Weldon
<@JamieChambers> Hey Weldon!
<@cam_banks> It's the draconian!
*** Quits: Weldon ( ) (Quit: PJIRC forever! )
<@Whyndam> Hi Weldon!
<@Trampas> Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the world's greatest draconian fan.
<@Trampas> Or not...
<@Whyndam> Hehe
<@JamieChambers> The first guy to ever express interest in my noble draconians, long before THE BESTIARY OF KRYNN!
<@cam_banks> Death throes, Trampas.
<@Ravenmantle> Must be our anti-drac mythal...yay it works!
<@Trampas> lol
<@Whyndam> Wait a minute... we're not in the Forgotten Realms. ;-)
<@Trampas> Who brought the dragonbane sword?
<@cam_banks> JC, you have a question pending!
*** Joins: Weldon
<@JamieChambers> I do?
<@cam_banks> From archangel.
<+archangel21> Which is easier for you writing a novel or working on a sourcebook?
<@Sephzero> [15:56] Which is easier for you writing a novel or working on a sourcebook?
<@JamieChambers> Oh, totally missed it! Sorry.
<+archangel21> That's okay
<@JamieChambers> I don't know that one is harder or easier.
<+archangel21> Okay what is different between writing the two?
<@JamieChambers> I've been writing fiction since I was 8 years old, and I entered the Young Authors' Fair back in North Georgia (a competition I entered every year throughout elementary and middle school).
<@JamieChambers> But I've been tinkering with my own game design/writing since I was about 12.
<@JamieChambers> I have a passion for both.
<@JamieChambers> Sourcebook writing is more structured... it's more akin to technical writing.
<@cam_banks> I keep forgetting how good he is at it.
<+archangel21> Wow...You really love what you do don't you?
<@JamieChambers> Yes, I have my dream job -- absolutely.
<@Trampas> :)
<@JamieChambers> With fiction writing it's easy to get carried away, and then you have to force structure back on the story.
<@JamieChambers> To make sure you're saying what you want to say.
<@JamieChambers> I majored in English Literature in college (with a B.A.) so I've studied the craft of writing and storytelling for a long time. Plus I've had amazing mentors, like Margaret and Tracy, to help me along the way.
<@JamieChambers> I hope to keep doing both kinds of writing.
<@JamieChambers> I'm about to start tackling a big piece of game sourcebook writing: the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA ROLE PLAYING GAME.
<@JamieChambers> And hopefully have more stories and novels for Dragonlance in my future!
<+archangel21> And one of the most cliched questions. What advice would you give a young writer?
<@JamieChambers> I guess that about covers it.
<@Trampas> Write, write, write.
<@JamieChambers> I asked Margaret that very same question back in 1994.
<@Bnaa> Do we have time for another question?
<@JamieChambers> She gave me two pieces of advice, "Write because you love it and always practice your craft."
<@JamieChambers> "Don't quit your day job."
<@JamieChambers> Her old agent also said it takes ten years to break in -- ten years of rejection so you better love what you're doing.
<@JamieChambers> I attempted to get a Dragonlance short story published in '94, "Swing of the Pendulum" (the first appearance of noble draconians).
<@Ravenmantle> Alright, if there's time for more questions, I believe Heron has a couple of questions.
<@Bnaa> The same one on your old site?
<@JamieChambers> Though it was seriously considered, it was rejected. Ten years later, "At the Water's Edge" was published in the SEARCH FOR POWER anthology.
<+Kranar> Will we ever see that published or something with Noble Draconians?
<+DracosHeron> What have done you done different this time around with Autumn Twilight?
<@cam_banks> There's a noble draconian in PRICE OF COURAGE.
<@cam_banks> It's the kitchen sink of adventure modules.
<@JamieChambers> Actually Kevin T. Stein has written a story with a noble draconian for an upcoming anthology. Kevin's a friend, so I'm glad he's bringing them to fiction.
<+DracosHeron> Huzzah!
<@Bnaa> Awesome
<+Kranar> That is some good news, glad to see them come.
<+Darcwulf> Cool!
<@Sephzero> Sweet.
<@JamieChambers> I'm really impressed with how Clark, Sean Macdonald, and the rest of the team have adapted the adventures.
<@JamieChambers> I think it's a really excellent presentation of the classic adventures, one done with a lot of love and respect for both the original modules AND the novels.
<@cam_banks> And a lot more option to include your own original characters.
<@JamieChambers> One that incorporates elements of both, yet creates something that stands on its own.
<@JamieChambers> Each of the original "DL" modules gets a big ol' chapter.
<+DracosHeron> awesome
<@JamieChambers> And a nice combination of classic and brand-new art.
<@cam_banks> And Toede is in it!
<@JamieChambers> I like the Wicker Dragon illo by Chris Dien.
<@cam_banks> Clark says to say that Toede is "heroically in the book."
<@Whyndam> Does he show up in Price of Courage, Cam?
<@cam_banks> Toede isn't in PoC, Sean. Are you crazed?
<@Ravenmantle> Hehe
<@JamieChambers> Toede was fantastic in Spectre of Sorrows.
<@Trampas> He's in Spectre of Sorrows, though.
<@Whyndam> Everything else is in that adventure. ;-)
<@Sephzero> Hail the insufferable Lord Toede.
<@Trampas> What Jamie said. ;)
<+DracosHeron> Toede doing anything heroic is a sight!
<@Whyndam> I know... I was just poking a little fun at Cam. :-)
<@cam_banks> All thanks go to Jeff Grubb for his vision of Toede in "Special Delivery."
<@JamieChambers> Absolutely.
<@JamieChambers> Time for just a couple of questions before I have to feed the art director.
<+Kranar> Why were the Toediac Knights left out of the Knights gaming book? Or will they be in one of the web enhancements. ;)
<@cam_banks> I know! I konw!
<@Trampas> There's only room for so much!
<@JamieChambers> Sounds like a Nexus article to me. ;-)
<@Whyndam> Jamie, are channeling Trampas? ;-)
<@Whyndam> are you, even. Sheesh!
<+Kranar> Had to throw that one in, I know you know why Cam. Thanks, sorry about butting in there
<@Trampas> Nope, it exists already.
<@JamieChambers> Time to eat some BBQ!
<@JamieChambers> ;-)
<@cam_banks> His Grace would like you to know that he's waiting for the sourcebook, TOEDAIC KNIGHTS OF KRYNN, to do them justice.
<@Bnaa> Fantastic, look forward to that one :)
* @Sephzero shudders.
<@cam_banks> With full color art by Sean Everette, aged 9.
<@Trampas> Hey, take a number. The Player's Guide to the Order of the Gold Lance is first! ;)
<@JamieChambers> Got a last question?
<@Whyndam> I knew I drew those weird pictures back then for a reason... Now if my Mom can just find them.
<@Bnaa> Yes, I in fact have a question :)
<@JamieChambers> Ready and waiting.
<@Bnaa> What are the chances of Regional sourcebooks, and one on Ambient Magic users?
<@cam_banks> That's two questions!
<@Trampas> Dibs on the Blood Sea Isles!
<@JamieChambers> Ambient Magic is something we've definitely thought about -- because there are interesting ways to show how it works (and could work) across the ages.
<@JamieChambers> Regional Sourcebooks once again get into the realm of perhaps too specific.
<@cam_banks> 176 pages of New Port and environs.
<@Trampas> I'm still awaiting the Witdel sourcebook.
<@Whyndam> They would be fun to do, but even WotC sees dimishing returns on the Forgotten Realms regional books.
<@Ravenmantle> What is it with you and Witdel?! ;)
<@JamieChambers> We've thought about doing a Gazetteer type product that updates and details lots of regions.
<@Bnaa> That would be fantastic :)
<@Trampas> An updated Atlas-type product, basically?
<@Sephzero> Interesting indeed.
<@JamieChambers> Something that was like the Atlas -- but set in one age but with more words and less maps. :-)
<@Trampas> Cartography by Sean, of course. ;)
<@JamieChambers> Absolutely.
<@JamieChambers> Sean Macdonald is my hero.
<@Trampas> He's fantastic.
<@cam_banks> Father of four.
<@Whyndam> He's also saving our bacon on some products.
<@JamieChambers> He did the map for the new CASTLEMOURN CAMPAIGN SETTING by Ed Greenwood from MWP.
<+Kranar> Will we ever see the gods statted out for DL like in other gaming adventures? Or is this sorta taboo...
<@JamieChambers> Check it out this October!
<@cam_banks> Grr!
<@JamieChambers> I think we handled gods the way we want in HOLY ORDERS, to be honest.
<@cam_banks> Arrgh!
<@JamieChambers> Margaret doesn't want high-level adventurers heading to the Abyss to wuss-slap Chemosh.
<+DracosHeron> Keep us posted on Battlestar. I cannot wait to frak some toasters!
<+Kranar> I had to ask Cam. :)
<@Ravenmantle> And what about that!
<@JamieChambers> We'll keep you posted, Nugget. Maybe one day you'll be ready to jump in the cockpit.
<@Trampas> Ravenmantle!
<@JamieChambers> Okay, I can answer ONE MORE QUESTION.
<@JamieChambers> Then I gotta leave.
<@Ravenmantle> Sowwy!
<+DracosHeron> woot Im a Nugget!
<@JamieChambers> Anybody else?
<@cam_banks> No more questions?
<@JamieChambers> Or have I answered everything?
<@JamieChambers> Wow.
<@Bnaa> Seems not :)
<@JamieChambers> ;-)
<+DracosHeron> what days are you at DragonCon?
<@Trampas> I think that's a first.
<@Whyndam> All of them!
<@JamieChambers> We're there for the whole show.
<@Sephzero> Cleared things out.
<@JamieChambers> We leave early and stay late.
<@cam_banks> Like real life.
<@JamieChambers> North Georgia is my home stomping grounds.
<@JamieChambers> You got that right, Kiwi. ;-)
<@Ravenmantle> I believe Weldon has a final question.
<@Whyndam> Same with me. I'm from the northwest suburbs of Atlanta.
<@JamieChambers> Okay.
<+DracosHeron> cool beans!
<+Weldon> okay. well, I have some hard questions. You ready?
<@JamieChambers> I'll do my best.
<@cam_banks> Can we use our lifeline?
<@Ravenmantle> No.
<@JamieChambers> I wanna call a friend.
<@cam_banks> Dang it.
<+Weldon> what is the overall overall fan reaction of the DL source books.
<@JamieChambers> Overall? Quite positive.
<@Whyndam> From my view, it's been extremely positive.
<@JamieChambers> I'm very grateful for the fans, they make our work possible and love our stuff.
<@JamieChambers> But like fandom for ANYTHING -- they can nitpick and bruise our self-esteem a bit.
<@JamieChambers> But I wouldn't trade our customers and fans for anything.
<+Weldon> Has there been a dislike among fans, with the DLCS, and is that the reason you're making better versions of the Knights of Solamnia, as well as other revisions?
<@Trampas> Jamie's been to the WotC boards a time or two. ;)
<+Weldon> :-)
<@cam_banks> I like better.
<@JamieChambers> To be honest, the DLCS was a difficult product.
<@JamieChambers> I was the lead designer, working with Chris Coyle, Margaret Weis, and Don Perrin -- but ultimately the development of the book went to folks in Seattle who didn't know Dragonlance very well.
<@JamieChambers> I had to compromise on things I would have done differently.
<@Whyndam> That book was pre-my time at SP, so I can't say what it was like to work on it. I did watch it being written from the sidelines though.
<@Trampas> There's been a lot of learning along the way on how to do things better.
<@JamieChambers> Plus, later, we've learned lots of valuable things from playing and getting feedback, etc.
<@JamieChambers> So we've updated some core elements in new sourcebook.
<@JamieChambers> Dragonlance third edition has really evolved.
<@Trampas> I think, eventually, it might be good to have a book like a Player's Guide to Dragonlance with some of these updates in it.
<@Trampas> Though some of the novel storylines should resolve first.
<@JamieChambers> Some do not like that -- but it's the nature of the beast. I'd rather each sourcebook cover a topic as best it can, than stay rock-loyal to a product that could use a good update.
<@JamieChambers> Trampas, agreed.
<@cam_banks> No designer ever stops learning how to do things better. There's a limit on how often you can revise things, though.
<@JamieChambers> Okay, that's just about it for me folks.
<@Bnaa> Thank you for your time guys, it's been great. Hope the rest of the week goes this smoothly
<@JamieChambers> Thanks for hanging out.
<@Whyndam> If we are able to keep the license past next year, the likelyhood that we'll do a Player's Guide type product is probably pretty good.
<+Darcwulf> Thanks for stopping by.
<@Ravenmantle> Aye, thanks for spending some time with us :) It's been fun :)
<@cam_banks> And then, the TOEDAIC KNIGHTS book.
<@Trampas> Guys, thanks for joining us tonight.
<@Whyndam> Thanks everyone!
<@JamieChambers> Keep coming to the boards, and if you're near San Diego, Indianapolis, or Atlanta -- come see us at a show!
<+Kranar> Got that right Cam! and statted out gods
<+Kranar> Thanks all for answering our questions
<@Sephzero> Thanks for all your work.
<@JamieChambers> I gotta get some dinner.
<@JamieChambers> Later!
<+Weldon> thanks guys
<@Bnaa> Thanks guys
<@Whyndam> My kids need a bath before bedtime and the wife is at work. That leaves me. Thanks guys!
<@cam_banks> Full stats for kogods and kodrow.
Thanks all
<@Sephzero> o.O
<+DracosHeron> Half=Kodragon Drow s
<@cam_banks> Kogood night, everykobody. Have a kofun koevening.
<@Bnaa> Cheers
<@Trampas> Goodnight, Cam.
<@Sephzero> Night then Cam.