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ENWorld Chat with Sovereign Press

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

On September 22, 2004 ENWorld hosted a chat session with Sovereign Press' Margaret Weis, Jamie Chambers and Sean Everette.

Malarick - For those who could not make it to the session, I have done my best to edit it down to the important stuff.

NOTE - Where it says ENWorld it means the questions were asked by various participants, and put forth to be answered. I hope you enjoy:-

ENWorld - First of all, I'd like to thank Margaret, Jamie, and Sean for joining us. And Margaret, I took your advice from GenCon. First thing I read in War of the Lance was the Highlord Toede entry. You were right.

Jamie - Excellent!

Margaret - I had a lot of fun writing that!

Jamie - I had a lot of fun reading that.

ENWorld -Ok, to the first of the questions, about the books themselves:

ENWorld - Recently, Sovereign Press put out two books, the smaller Towers of High Sorcery, and the huge War of the Lance. Will larger size books and a higher price point be the standard from now?

Margaret - War of the Lance was special in that there was such an immense amount of material to include that we felt it needed to be larger.

Jamie - 160 is the standard length for our "topic" sourcebooks, and 224 is the standard for our "era" books like Age of Mortals.

Sean - We'll probably have other books over 160 pages, but I'd be surprised if we had another book the size of War of the Lance.

ENWorld - Does SP have any plans of doing a Knighthoods book?

Sean - Oh yes!

Jamie - Yes, currently planned for 2006.

ENWorld - What will be in the Holy Orders Book?

Sean - Well, all of the gods and their churches will be visited in detail, including Takhisis and Paladine. Each god will have a prestige class that helps further define the roll of some of their followers. And we'll have some alternate rules for spontaneous casting of divine spells, similar to what has appeared in Unearthed Arcana recently. The rest, you'll have to wait and see!

ENWorld - What's planned for 2005 release in the SP DL lineup?

Jamie - We have Spectre of Sorrows, Price of Courage (the adventures), Holy Orders...

Jamie - And a sourcebook based on Dragonlance Legends!

ENWorld - In such a knights book, would the Knights of Takhisis or other non-Solamnic orders have much significance?

Margaret - Personally I've always liked the Knights of Takhisis. I enjoy working with lawful evil!

Jamie - The Knight book is a project near and dear to Sean's heart!

Margaret - So, yes, the Knights of Takhisis will be covered in detail.

Sean - The Knights book we are planning on is going to detail the Knights of Takhisis/Neraka and Legion of Steel, as well as other lesser known knightly orders.

Sean - And the Knights of Solamnia, of course!

ENWorld - What is meant by "sourcebook based on Dragonlance Legends"? Do you mean the third age and the early years of the Age of Despair?

Jamie - Among other things.

Jamie - The characters, places, and story of Legends -- plus a way to handle time travel, character redemption, and more.

Jamie - Itar, the Dwarfgate Wars, etc. will also be covered.

Margaret - That book will cover a lot of ground!

ENWorld - Who is the current art director for Sovereign Press?

Jamie - That would be the lovely and talented Renae Chambers, who is sitting right next to me.

ENWorld - DragonLance Classic Campaign (DL1-14) 3.5E - Any thoughts on whether it will be a straight conversion, or do you plan on changing/adding things to the classic campaign modules?

Jamie - We are planning to do a re-write, very faithful to the originals, but one designed from the beginning to a good 3.5 series of adventures.

Jamie - Closer probably, than the Silver Anniversary edition, but not just a reprint like`the "Dragonlance Classics."

Margaret - One of the criticisms of the early games was that they were too linear—led people around by the nose. We want to try to work on that.

Jamie - I think fans old and new will be pleased.

ENWorld - With the mages book, the clerics book, the War of the Lance and Age of Mortals sourcebooks, and a monster book, one would think you guys don't have much more room to write about. What sorts of books are intended down the pipe?

Margaret - A Races book, Taladas.

Jamie - There are lots of other areas to explore. Other eras, other continents...

Jamie - Margaret beat me to the punch!

ENWorld - Are there any DL products that you would like to do but feel that it can't be justified right now? A nice way of asking: what's SP wish list?

Jamie - Hard to say... we have lots of things in mind. Nothing is out of the question, it just takes time.

ENWorld - Who is writing the Legends book?

Jamie - Margaret and I will certainly be working on it, along with many of the people who have helped on Towers and War of the Lance.

Margaret - We'll try to get Tracy to do his chart that explains time travel!

Sean - like me!

Jamie - Yes, Tracy is very busy but we try to get his input.

Margaret - Sean gets to explain Tracy's chart!

Sean - Agh!!! I open my big mouth!

ENWorld - Are any future Dragonlance minis planned for the D&D line of miniatures other than Mina. Specifically, I'd like to ask if there will be any more draconians?

Jamie - That's one area where don't have any say.

Margaret - No clue. Sorry. You need to ask Wizards of the Coast that one!

Jamie - We were amazed when we learned about the Soth and Mina miniatures!

Margaret - I've been told that they're going to be doing all the Heroes of the Lance, but I haven't heard when or where.

Sean - I know I'd love to have a Sturm mini sitting on my computer monitor.

ENWorld - A question about the classes: "As I haven't seen all the sourcebooks yet, will there be some pages spent on giving a more detailed background for some of the standard classes. Some of them even seem to differ from those in the D&D player's handbook. e.g. About Rogue(s) with their own honor code, about druid circles and their view on the wars etc."

Jamie - Those are touched on in various ways in the current sourcebooks, actually.

Jamie - Races of Ansalon will have some information like that as well.

Sean - Some of the druid info will be in Holy Orders.

ENWorld - Question for Margaret Weis: Are there, at present, any plans to continue the Raistlin Chronicles?

Margaret - No, not that. However, Tracy and I are currently working on another idea...

ENWorld - Margaret: Any hints on what this "another idea" is?

Margaret - If I told you I'd have to kill you...

Jamie - New Weis & Hickman Dragonlance has to be very cool.

ENWorld -What do you think of the new Young Adult novels, and what impact will they have on the canon?

Margaret - I think the YA novels are developing their own storyline and steering clear of canon.

Margaret - I hear that they're bringing more readers into DL, which is a good thing!

Jamie - Right, but they will establish new things to remember for continuity moving forward!

Sean - I did reference one of the YA novels while working on the Solamnia section of War of the Lance. Luckily, what I already wrote matched up pretty well with what Steve Sullivan wrote.

ENWorld - Has SP has looked into doing movies or cartoons about Dragonlance?

Jamie - Our license is limited to tabletop d20 System role-playing game.

Margaret - Wizards of the Coast owns all the rights to Dragonlance. They're the ones you have to talk to about that.

Jamie - Anything like that has to come from Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro.

Margaret - But I want James Marsters to play Raistlin.

ENWorld -Morpheus asks: What games are you all playing now (board, video, PnP, and/or other) and do you use any of these games for inspiration or as creative spring boards?

Jamie - the other day we played the very cool betrayal at house on the hill from Avalon Hill! I highly recommend it.

Margaret - I learned how to play khas for Amber and Ashes. That's the Dragonlance variant on chess.

Sean - At home, I play a lot of Neverwinter Nights, and am anxiously awaiting Dragonlance Adventures!

Margaret - I play Scrabble...

Sean - Betrayal at House on the Hill is very cool.

Jamie - In BETRAYAL, my guy went insane and decided he was Julius Caesar, and then I killed

Sean and everyone else!

Margaret - Does it have anything to do with the Shirley Jackson novel, The Haunting at Hill House? Great novel, by the way.

Jamie - Don't know, Margaret, but it's a really cool game. We'll bring it to Iowa.

Sean - We all love the Catan games from Mayfair as well.

Margaret - Just Settlers. I didn't like Spacefarers.

Sean -

Jamie and I like the space Catan games too.

ENWorld - Following the masterpiece that was Towers of High Sorcery, do you plan to do similar books for Sorcerers and Mystics?

Jamie - We have certainly thought about it, but it might be a couple of years down the pike.

ENWorld - Any events for GenCon SoCal, and also, will there be a "Living Dragonlance"?

Margaret - No plans to go to Gen Con SoCal.

Jamie - We are thinking about Living Dragonlance and have some plans. Keep your eyes on!

ENWorld - Even though I haven´t read Amber and Ashes yet, my impression (from excerpts and interviews and such) is that it a "darker" book than Chronicles, Legends etc etc...has the writing process been different in Amber and Ashes than it was with previous Dragonlance novels?

Jamie - Good question, and I'm sure Margaret has a good answer.

Margaret - Yes, it is a bit darker, a bit more "adult". Just trying my wings!

Jamie - (shameless plug) I highly recommend the appendix.

Margaret - It is NOT "sexually explicit" as someone said on the Dragonlance message boards!

Jamie - No, just suggestive.

Margaret - This has been lots of fun. Thanks so much for inviting us!

Jamie - Thank you guys!

Jamie - G'night everyone. Thanks for coming!