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Miranda Horner: Rise of the Titans

Friday, March 03, 2000

Chat with Miranda Horner regarding Rise of the Titans from Fri. March 03, 2000.

WizO Arkana: Come one, come all to Wizards Presents for RPG Hour. We're discussing Dragonlance: The Rise of the Titans. Hello, Miranda.

WotC Miranda: Hail! Anyone have any questions regarding Rise of the Titans?

Kalex: Is Rise using SAGA rules?

WotC Miranda: It uses both SAGA and AD&D rules, Kalex.

Kalex: What's the time frame of the adventure?

WotC Miranda: It's set after The Sylvan Veil and before the War of Souls trilogy that's coming out on the book side of things.

Kalex: I'm so beat on Dragonlance knowledge. What year? As in, how many years after the Chaos War? Who are the current DL heroes? Palin?

WotC Miranda: You've read Rabe's novels, so you know the Heroes of the Heart. We also have some old favorites like Caramon and Jenna in the setting. Rise of the Titans has some new heroes in it for you to use, as well as some new villains.

Kalex: Caramon? He must be ancient!

WotC Miranda: Yes, he is. You should pick up Dezra's Quest by Pierson.

Kalex: Will we be seeing monsters that are thought not to exist in DL, such as beholders, mind flayers, kou-toans or drow? Any traditional "underdark-ish" monsters?

WotC Miranda: In Rise of the Titans, there is a new creature called the ogre titan. The ogres are up to no good, and it could actually impact the War of Souls in some manner.

Kalex: of the first "children" of Krynn, no? The Irda, to be precise

WotC Miranda: The ogres certainly think so, though the elves would dispute that. Elves being elves, that is.

Kalex: Please, what is happening in Dragonlance? War of Souls? Whose souls? Do I dare guess Raistlin?

WotC Miranda: The War of Souls is a storyline that Margaret, Tracy, Stan!, Steve, me, and the rest of the Dragonlance team are working on here. It will officially start with the release of Dragons of a Fallen Sun.

Kalex: Fallen Sun? Is that out?

WotC Miranda: It should be out in hardback really soon. I think there is a preview chapter on the website somewhere.

Kalex: Yikes...I'm so immersed in Forgotten Realms, I've left Dragonlance behind.

WotC Miranda: You should give the new storyline a try. It could drag you right back into DL.

Kalex: There are things about FR that I couldn't let go of. The Underdark being one thing.

WotC Miranda: I understand that. I've recently played in an FR campaign where we were heading there. Unfortunately, it got sidetracked into a different campaign for a bit.

WizO Arkana: I've been playing in Greyhawk for the past three years but DL will always be my favorite world. I've always loved the way the books were for DL. I've just always loved the way the races interact with each other.

Kalex: Tell me this. Where is Kitiara? Is she a penengalan in Dargaard Keep? Is she a ghost in RL? Is she dead? Help me out.

WotC Miranda: That's one of those things I'm not allowed to talk about, I'm afraid. We on the DL team have this "Vow of Silence" that we must maintain. I have to be choosy about what I say about Kit. It's an issue that might or might not get fully resolved in the future. How's that for a non-answer?

Kalex: Ah yes. I had thought you'd say, "I don't know," simply because you may have scrapped that for now. Apparently, Kit is still in the stew pot. Thank you.

Torpedo: How easily would Rise of the Titans lend itself to being adapted to a home brew campaign?

WotC Miranda: You could certainly adapt the adventure to use your own heroes instead of the pre-gens provided. The adventure starts with a mission to save some kidnapped elves.

Kalex: What is the setting? Solamnia? Qualinesti?

WotC Miranda: The setting includes the ogre kingdoms of Blode and Kern. It provides some campaign setting information about playing ogres and using ogres, too. You also get info on the ogre titans and how they're created.

Kalex: Rise of the Titans? Are these Monster Manual titans we're talking about here?

WotC Miranda: Nope. There is a definite distinction. The ogres so much want to recapture their lost glory that one of them finds a way to recreate his people's past selves. This process changes ogres into a different being.

Kalex: Aren't DL ogres descendants of the Irda?

WotC Miranda: Yep. They are.

WizO Arkana: Kal, the ogres are basically an evil adaptation of the Irda. They didn't agree with all the Irda believed in.

WotC Miranda: They were twisted by their evil ways long ago. The Igraine Heresy split the Irda many years ago. Those who were evil degenerated into ogres. Those who weren't, left.

Kalex: So, if this game uses both SAGA and D&D rules, how do priests and mages work?

WotC Miranda: There is some information about how to work with the different magic styles for D&D in the book. You can also use Player's Option: Spells & Magic variants to help out, if you have that.

Roblin: Does Rise of the Titans change the DL world like the Chaos War did? Will Krynn now be 6th age?

WotC Miranda: No, it doesn't change the whole of Krynn. It reveals more about the ogres and their nations. It has an adventure that gets you a bit closer to the first War of Souls book.

MLMartin: Rise of the Titans doesn't change Krynn massively, although it introduces a cool new take on the ogres. However, Dragons of a Fallen Sun may be another story.

Kalex: Aside from Rise of the Titans, could you comment on the World of Krynn adventure Dargaard Keep and the events in that adventure, most in particular, the high numbers of drow involved.

WizO Arkana: Kalex, I don't remember seeing drow in Dargaard Keep in World of Krynn.

Kalex: They're clustered in one of the upper levels. They're there in large numbers.

Roblin: Is RotT an adventure, or sourcebook or both? Like the Monstrous Arcana?

WotC Miranda: It's an adventure sourcebook, so it's both.

MLMartin: Now, about this adventure.... First of all, Rise of the Titans is an excellent product, and if it does mean the end of the Fifth Age line, at least it went out with a suitable bang. Second, is the use of 'souls' to transform ogres into Titans a thread that will be picked up in the War of Souls , and what does it mean with relation to Krynnish magic? (It suggests that the 'Dark Sphere' of necromancy and its cousin of spiritualism may have more potential than anyone realizes.)

WotC Miranda: I can say that Ricko and Tracy worked together, so there's going to be some reflection of the Titan stuff in War of Souls. I just can't tell you what it will be. Luckily, the first book will come out soon.

MLMartin: Miranda—thanks. Speaking of which, what's with that WotC is enforcing the March 14th release date so strongly?

WotC Miranda: As a former bookseller, it's standard procedure to release a book across the country on the same day.

MLMartin: Miranda—understandable, but why this particular date when the book reportedly got printed about a week or two ago already?

WotC Miranda: Because we probably need to wait for all the shipments to go out. I got a pre-proof copy, which means it's merely an early copy for reference.

Roblin: Does the Titans adventure have rules for both SAGA and AD&D?

MLMartin: Yes.

Roblin: Hurray! I'm not big on SAGA, but I don't want to miss out on great material that I could use for my games...

Talinthas: I know almost every thing I say has probably been said, so I'm sorry. Who came up with using elf souls for the Titans?

WotC Miranda: That was Ricko and Tracy.

Talinthas: Who is Ricko? He writes pretty well.

WotC Miranda: Richard Dakan (Ricko) is a freelance RPG writer. He's done some Marvel RPG stuff, too.

WizO Arkana: Miranda, this is sort of off-topic, but how much trouble do you have with people calling the dark elves of Krynn "drow." I double-checked on what Kalex had asked you and he had done the same thing.

WotC Miranda: It's a problem. People here know better, but dark elves as drow are so much better known than dark elves as exiled elves. FR wins, I guess.

Talinthas: Drow are mentioned in the first book of DL...

WizO Arkana: Tal, does it say drow or dark elves?

Talinthas: Drow.

MLMartin: Well, if you go through the Overrated Six carefully (especially the first three), you'll notice a few throw-away details and the like that suggest the world hadn't fully coalesced yet.

Talinthas: Like Lunitari being the white.... In DL drow are exiles, ala Dalamar.

WizO Arkana: LOL I don't recall that. Do you mean in the Chronicles, Tal? No, dark elves are exiles. Not drow.

WizO Durst: Dark elves are exiles. Drow are drow.

WizO Arkana: Not in Krynn, though. "Drow" is a word that is not known in Krynn.

WotC Miranda: We don't officially have drow, despite what you might find here and there.

MLMartin: Speaking of elves, Miranda, what does 'Armachnesti' mean? A dreamshadow of Cyan uses the term in DL C15A (aka My Official WotL Sourcebook), and I've been wondering about it.

WotC Miranda: You're a close reader! Armachnesti is the term for all elves. It includes Silva/Quali and the rest.

MLMartin: OK, but DL 10, Dragons of Dreams says that the overall term is/was Colinesti. Is there a conflict here, or does 'Colinesti' refer to the original, unsundered elves?

WotC Miranda: I would have to say that Colinesti is the unsundered term and Armach is the term that they could one day become again, if they care to do so.

MLMartin: Oh, on a purely personal note, Miranda, do you have any idea how rare the Lords of Doom gamebook is?

WotC Miranda: Lords of Doom? I don't have it, so it must be rare.

MLMartin: OK. I thought 'Armachnesti' might have been a derogative term, given that Cyan Bloodbane used it.

Talinthas: I just wanna thank you for all of the help you have given DL over the past few years.

WotC Miranda: It's a fun setting, and I still enjoy it all. Hopefully, I can continue playing with it, too, for as long as they'll let me.

Talinthas: I heard that RotT is THE END for DL games

WotC Miranda: If you look back at our "endings," you'll discover that some didn't for some reason. I keep an open mind around here. You never know when someone will say, "Hey! What about DL as a game setting." They may have already done that. I couldn't tell you if they did.

Roblin: Any chance of a DL Atlas like the FR atlas?

WotC Miranda: I can't say if the book department has plans for that in the future or not. We don't right now. (We=game department.)

Roblin: Oh, I meant an online atlas.

WotC Miranda: I don't think we have any current plans for that. Cross your fingers and hope for the best! Any other questions on Rise of the Titans?

WizO Arkana: Boy, I can't believe it's time for the chat to end. I've been having fun. I guess that's a reason why I don't play SAGA.

WizO Arkana: I know what you are saying Miranda. Macintosh just isn't a fan of the Internet.

WotC Miranda: Now my spouse is here and wants to get some food with me, so I have to leave. Perhaps I'll pop in from home sometimes. Thanks for all the questions and stuff! It has been fun!