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Jennifer Meyer Interview

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Meet one of the artists behind the Dragonlance d20 game.

I recently had the chance to sit down and speak with artist Jennifer Meyer. Check out what she has to say.

Dragonhelm: How would you describe your artistic style?

Jennifer Meyer: I would say it is light and detailed.

Dragonhelm: What artists have influenced your own style? Who do you most admire?

Jennifer Meyer: The artists that have influenced me are also my favorites. Those would be Elmore, Caldwell, Easley, Brom, Mucha, Michelangelo (drawings), Alan Lee, Waterhouse, Hokusai, and Hiroshige. Recent favorites have also included Lockwood, Diterlizzi, Keith Parkinson, and Kosuke Fujishima.

Dragonhelm: Is it intimidating following in the footsteps of artistic greats such as Larry Elmore and Jeff Easley?

Jennifer Meyer: It is inspiring to me. It can only become slightly intimidating when I get an art order to draw a character that has been depicted previously by several artists.

Dragonhelm: You recently attended an artist workshop with Larry Elmore. What was that like? What did you learn?

Jennifer Meyer: It was wonderful. The place was beautiful, the pictures do not do it justice (we saw wild turkey, deer, and heard the coyote). Everyone was really nice. We usually talked about or created art from after breakfast till bed (we also talked about RPGs, ghosts, and played Settlers of Catan on the first night there). We all had a grand time taking reference shots (some in costume!). We even took a trip to Elmore's studio (he had a bunch of originals to look at). I learned more about perspective, color, and how to approach an oil painting. It was a great experience, I would recommend it.

Dragonhelm: You are known for fantastic representations of animals. Why do you think animals have become such an important element in your art?

Jennifer Meyer: Hum. Not sure if there is a real reason other than I like to draw animals. So I try to work them if possible and when the opportunity presents itself I just find animals fun to draw. I use to go out and draw animals when possible at zoos, parks or my back yard, especially squirrels.

Dragonhelm: You've worked on a number of game properties, including Sovereign Stone and Dragonlance. What's different about your work for different settings?

Jennifer Meyer: It depends on the style of the setting. Some companies have a generalized idea in mind for the look like less cheese cake or more romantic for example. I have used different artists for influences in certain games (ex: Mucha for Blue Rose and Waterhouse for H.A.R.P.).

Sovereign Stone and Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra were fun to work on since it is fantasy with a historical basis. So you get to do some fun research and have a little leeway in costume design.

Dragonhelm: What is your preferred medium?

Jennifer Meyer: Pencil.

Dragonhelm: How do you think digital tools have changed work for modern illustrators?

Jennifer Meyer: The digital tools have made it faster to do some things and it's nice to not have all the fumes while working. I think the computer has been most helpful in getting illustrators in touch with people (both business and personal/artistic). We have a tendency to be work-a-holic shut-ins.

Dragonhelm: What projects are you currently working on?

Jennifer Meyer: I am working on the upcoming Ramlar roleplaying game from White Silver Publishing. If you like my elves you should check it out!

Dragonhelm: Thanks again, Jennifer!