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FAQs: Dragonlance-L Mailing List

by Edward J. Pollard

The Dragonlance Mailing List, Hosted by Wizards of the Coast


It is important that you read this file completely. It contains all information you need to know about the posting rules on this mailing list.

Welcome to the Dragonlance mailing list! This list exists as a means for you, the game player or novel reader, to discuss the world of Krynn as well as iteract with some of the designers at Wizards of the Coast!


Moderator: Edward J. Pollard (

While the Dragonlance list is owned and operated by Wizards of the Coast, they enlist the volunteer service of Edward Pollard to oversee the daily operations of the list. Subscription problems, as well as all manner of comment or complaint, should be addressed to him at the address provided above.

List Purpose

The list exists to aid gamers, encourage creativity, and explore the world of Krynn together. In order to keep this list a safe haven for healthy discourse, certain rules and restrictions will be enforced to maintain a better list for everyone.

Violation of the rules may result in immediate dismissal and permanent banning from the lists.

We realise these rules might sound harsh, but they've been created for the benefit of the majority of users, not as a result of some barmy power trip. If everyone tries their best to follow them (you're not likely to be jumped on, for example, unless you're persistently ignoring them) then the lists should remain a place for debate and ideas rather than flame wars and trolls.

Special Note: People who heavily contribute new ideas to the lists will be given a little leeway in these rules. Everyone has a bad day. If, however, you never post anything and then out of the blue flame someone, that stands as grounds for dismissal.


The Dragonlance list is set as a REVIEW list. All new subscribers to the list are set to REVIEW status, which means all material they post must be approved by the moderator.

No, this is not a censoring racket. This is to make sure everyone plays by the same rules. All post will make it, after a small delay, to the general list. If a post is deemed to be unacceptable, the author will be notified of the problems.

As soon as the Moderator is satisfied that a user "knows what they are doing", the users account will be updated to NOREVIEW, and they may then post freely to the list.

Occasionally, this mechanism is used as a corrective tool. If someone is acting poorly, or publishing spoilers for a recently released product without "spoiler space", they may be set to REVIEW status until the behavior is stoped.


In order to maximize the signal to noise ratio, a number of posting restrictions are in effect. These restrictions are voluntary, however, repeated abuses may result in expulsion from the list.

  1. Relevancy - Posts should discuss or benefit the list's setting. Off-topic posts which can relate to the list such as the "Complete Book of Herbs", are fine; off-topic posts which are not relevant to the list, are not allowed.
  2. Quoting - replies should only include that material which is being directly referenced. A whole section on quoting appears below.
  3. Signature files - should be at most 9 lines long.
  4. Format - only plain text should be sent. No MS rich format email, HTML documents, images, etc.
  5. Persona posts - no in-character posts are allowed unless they are part of a story which has been written and sent to the list. Posts which are not allowed are those which follow the lines of "I am the ArchWizard Dracolich Super-Moose Moschops. I could kill any God. I will answer your foolish question mortal..." and "How can you say the Dark Queen cannot know this - I am the Dark Queen of Krynn! I am god! I know all because I am she incarnate!" All this says is "I am a complete fool, please remove me from the mailing list permanently for the sake of the other list-members and enlightened discussion".
  6. "Me too", "I agree", "That was cool" and similar posts are not allowed.The list is for discussion. Posts that simply request something from a specific person are not part of a discussion. These kinds of posts are known as 'Me Too!" posts. They are more than strongly discouraged as you may lose your list privileges by doing them. If you wish to request information from a specific person, simply e-mail him or her privately. The e-mail address can be found in the header of the note.
  7. The list should really not be used as a forum for advertising, either commercial or personal. This includes web pages and IRC "chats". If you wish to tell the list members of your Web page or IRC, please do so by including it in your signature. An example of this might be:

    The Penguin

    If, however, you have a very good reason for telling the list-members of your site, such as you just putting up a completely new set of resources, then this is allowed providing that good descriptions of the new contents, or the contents themselves, are included for reference. Using the list to simply tell others of you WWW page is frowned upon and highly discouraged. Frequent violations of this may lead to being banned from using the list.

    An only slightly modified real email thread follows, and serves as an example of the sort of thing we are talking about:
    1. I've got a web page now. It's going to be soooo coool. I've made a special AD&D page which has nothing on it at present - but boy will it be good.
    2. Send me loads of stuff for my web page - and send me all your URL's so I can link to it.
    3. I've now put a chat link on it. Meet me there tonight
    4. That chat tonight's going to be great
    5. Don't forget the chat - oh, and I need loads of cool stuff for my web page
    6. My web page is coming along - can someone look at it and tell me how amazing I am.
    7. Great chat huh.
    8. I've put a GIF of a squirrel on my web page - here's the URL.
    9. I've put a second GIF of a moose and a whizzy background.
    10. I've now figured out how to make tables, so I'm using them to tell you all about the stuff I don't have yet.


Although, this list exists to promote creativity, the creative usage of language and symbols to insult [i.e. flaming] or incite anger in [i.e. trolling] individuals, corporate entities, or imaginary constructs is not allowed. Violation of these rules will almost certainly result in immediate dismissal and banning from the lists.

For example:

  1. That the post does not complain about the 'money-grabbing, capitalist baby-slaughtering monster of Wizards of the Coast!'.

    This is an insult to the designers who work for WOTC, and tends to cause them to leave. The list was created so that WOTC designers, DM's and players could talk freely. People who wish to complain about Wizards of the Coast are welcome to go to Usenet and complain all they want.

    Just don't do it here.
  2. I am fully in my right to say that I think that the new boxed set on the "penguins of the plane of Flibble" is horrendous. The art is downright crap, the scratch-and-sniff pack was less than useless, and those christmas-card handouts in the shape of a chicken were no use to my campaign. It just gave more rules, no new monsters or treasure - and we can't get enough of those - and the adventure couldn't be played by my 38th level party.

    There's nothing wrong with this. There is something wrong with:

    Those bastards at WOTC just took me for a fool again. I can't believe I spent money on this. The new boxed set on the "penguins of the plane of Flibble" is horrendous. The art is downright crap, the scratch-and-sniff pack was less than useless, and those christmas-card handouts in the shape of a chicken were no use to my campaign. It just gave more rules, no new monsters or treasure - and we can't get enough of those - and the adventure couldn't be played by my 38th level party.

    A subtle difference, but one which will get the sender removed.

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Edward J. Pollard -
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