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Frequently Asked Questions

F.A.Q. is short for Frequently Asked Questions, and that is the intent of this page—to answer some of the more frequently asked questions about the Dragonlance Saga and about online groups and discussions about it.

The Dragonlance FAQ

This document is a comprehensive FAQ, intended to bring Dragonlance fans new to the Internet up to speed on anything and everything they need to know about the Dragonlance setting. It also offers answers to common questions often asked both on the Nexus and on the various Dragonlance forums on the Internet.

Alt.Fan.Dragonlance FAQ

Alt.Fan.Dragonlance is a newsgroup specifically for Dragonlance fans to discuss the series. Rules for the newsgroup—from netiquette to ones specific to the newsgroup are covered here.

Dragonlance-L Official Mailing List FAQ

This is the FAQ for the Official Dragonlance Mailing list, hosted by Wizards of the Coast. A number of items, such as basic netiquette as well as rules specific to the mailing list are covered.

Dragonlance: The Fifth Age FAQ

An older FAQ, covering common questions that many gamers had when the Fifth Age and the Saga game system were introduced by the novel, Dragons of Summer Flame.