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Are you a big Dragonlance fan? Need a free email address, but don't want to compete with millions and millions of people on the other email services? Looking for that elusive Raistlin email address?

Important Note

I've heard reports that ZZN (the service which hosts the free email) has begun charging for using their system, including things such as accessing your contact list. While I'm disappointed that they have decided to go this route with a service they're been providing free for a number of years, there is very little that we can do about their changes to the service except to warn our users of them. If you're looking for another free email service, I'd recommend either Yahoo or Hotmail (I prefer Yahoo). Obviously, it's not an @dragonlance address, but those two services are some of the best out there and I'd recommend either if you need a new free email service. —Paladin

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