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Pen & Paper Fan Awards 2004

by Trampas Whiteman

The results of the Pen and Paper Fan Awards 2004 are in, and Sovereign Press and their related creators have taken a number of awards. War of the Lance won for Best Supplement and was a runner-up for Best Graphic Design. The Bestiary of Krynn won for Best Interior Art and was a runner-up for Best Cover Art. Key of Destiny was a runner-up for Best Adventure. Margaret Weis was a runner-up for Overall Achievement, and Amber and Ashes won for Best RPG-Related Novel/Anthology.

In the Fan Favorites category, Sovereign Press won for Fan Favorite Publisher, Jamie Chambers for Fan Favorite Developer, Larry Elmore came in as Fan Favorite Cover Artist (with Matt Stawicki as a runner-up), and Jennifer Meyer won as Fan Favorite Interior Artist.

In the Hall of Fame category, Dragonlance was a runner-up for RPG and Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis came in as runner-ups for Creators.

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