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FAQs: Dragonlance - The Fifth Age

by Trampas Whiteman

Editor's Note: This FAQ is certainly out of date, but may prove useful to fans of the Saga system.

Q: Why a new game system for the DRAGONLANCE world?
A: The events of the novel *Dragons of Summer Flame* irrevocably altered Krynn. Because the very fabric of reality on Krynn has changed, TSR saw a chance to introduce a brand-new game that would play on the strengths of the DRAGONLANCE setting -- characters and story -- and that would be easy to learn and play. Many DRAGONLANCE fans have never tried role-playing games. For longtime players, the new game system (called the Saga System) will really bring home the profound changes Krynn has undergone. Newcomers will get a chance to play a game built around familiar DRAGONLANCE characters and themes.

Q: What will the new game system be like? I heard it will be diceless.
A: The new game emphasizes storytelling and role-playing. There are no spell or equipment lists, and a general action resolution system allows players to more-or-less create rules on the spot when the need arises. The game uses cards in place of dice.

Q: What's all this I've heard about Fate Cards? Are they collectible?
A: Fate Cards are what the game uses instead of dice. You use them to create heroes, resolve actions, and sometimes to move the story along. During the game, a player holds a Hand of Fate, several cards which he uses to determine what happens to the characters. Fate Cards determine the results of attacks, damage, spells, and for just about anything else that a traditional game might use dice or pencil and paper. Fate Cards aren't collectable; the same set of 100 cards ships with every game, and everybody in the game draws from the same deck. Of the 100 cards, 82 are actually Fate Cards used in play. The other 18 cards contain information on important characters. Each card is full color and about the size and weight of a regular playing card.

Q: How can you have a DRAGONLANCE game without gods, magic, or dragons?
A: Remember that the gods left Krynn once before. The gods have withdrawn from the world, but their presence is still felt in many ways. There's still magic in the world, but it's much different from the magic of the AD&D game. At the close of *Dragons of Summer Flame*, the wizard Fizban told Palin Majere to seek new magic. Well, Palin and his cohorts found it. Dragons play a big role in the Fifth Age. Now that the gods have withdrawn, dragons have become the most powerful entities on the planet. Mortal heroes have their work cut out for them as they strive to protect what's left of civilization from the dragons.

Q: Where have the gods gone? Are they still worshipped? Will they be back?
A: No mortal on Krynn can say where the gods have gone. It's a good bet that the AD&D game multiverse has some surprises in store when the gods of Krynn turn their attention away from the world they created and take stock of everything else. Many people of Krynn still revere the gods. On Ansalon, the Knights of Solamnia and the Knights of Takhisis remain dedicated to their gods and to the ideals and goals they represent. No mortal of Krynn knows if the gods will return or when that might happen. The Knights of Takhisis fervently believe their Dark Queen will return -- soon. The Knights of Solamnia have vowed to remain true to their gods even if they never return.

Q: Have the Seekers [believers in false gods] resurfaced?
A: Not yet. With the absent gods still venerated and healing magic available in a new form, it's unlikely that the Seekers could get a foothold again.

Q: Will I still be able to use my old DRAGONLANCE characters with the new game?
A: Yes. The conversion rules are quite simple. The game's main storyline, however, picks up 30 years after the events of *Dragons of Summer Flame*, which would put most characters well into retirement. However, you can carry an ongoing campaign through the Chaos War and into the Fifth Age if you wish.

Q: Are any of the classic DRAGONLANCE heroes still active in the Fifth Age?
A: Sure. Here are some examples: Goldmoon is a pivotal figure, just as she was in the War of the Lance. Palin Majere, and his parents to a lesser extent, is quite famous and powerful. Laurana remains active, but keeps a low profile. Gilthas, Porthios, and Alhana are keeping busy. A few classic characters, such as Rasitlin, Gilthanas, Silvara, and Dalamar might still be around, but their fates, whereabouts, and activities remain among the many secrets waiting to be revealed during the Fifth Age.

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