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A Great Time for Young Readers

by Trampas Whiteman

The Harry Potter series of novels has been a sensation in our time. For years now, we've heard parents, politicians, etc. comment on how children are paying more and more attention to television and video games. The flipside to this is that there has been less time spent in activities outside of television and video games, amongst which was book reading.

Then something truly special came along – Harry Potter. Harry Potter has taken the world by storm, causing a resurgence in reading, both in children and in adults. This series has spanned a total of five novels and two movies, bringing wonder and adventure to kids of all ages.

The added bonus is that this series gives parents and children something in common that they can talk about, thereby strengthening family bonds.

Don't let it stop there. There are many other worlds of imagination with which parents and children may find some common ground. In the case of Dragonlance, the Chronicles is being re-released as Young Readers editions. Each of the three books in this trilogy are being divided in two, making for shorter books that are more easily read with children.

This is a perfect time to begin new traditions with the children of today. What started with Harry Potter doesn't have to end there. The generation that grew up with Chronicles has the chance to share the magic of Dragonlance with the children of today, which may open the portal to adventure for tomorrow.

Now is the time for young readers. Now is the time for parents and children to discover new worlds of adventure, and to forge bonds that will last a lifetime.

Long Live the Lance!

Trampas Whiteman
Co-chair, Whitestone Council
Dragonlance Nexus

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