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Dragonlance of All Ages

by Trampas Whiteman

Many times, I have heard debates on which is better: the 4th Age or the 5th Age. I'm certain that there are many other people out there who would argue between Ansalon and Taladas.

These arguments, which come about from time to time, are what divides the Dragonlance fanbase. Both ages, and the respective gaming systems that accompany them, are valid and should not be denied. Neither should take precedence over the other.

So why choose between them at all? In the majority of other gaming worlds, people choose which part of the world they like to play in, then play in it.

In order to continue the Dragonlance product line, we must put our differences aside. The arguments of 4th Age vs. 5th Age seem to go around in circles. No progress is ever made.

That's one of the beauties of the Nexus. For the first time, all ages and locales will be represented under one rules system. And while we disagree on many issues, as we should, we can all agree on one thing: we love Dragonlance.

The time has come, my friends, to put our differences aside. Instead of proclaiming ones love for a portion of Krynn, the time has come to proclaim our love for the entire world of Krynn. Yes, we all have our favorites. However, our love for Krynn must be our focus.

When the day has come that people will unite under their love of Krynn, even though they have differences, that will be the day that Dragonlance gaming material is produced once again.

Trampas Whiteman


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