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Gaming Utilities

On this page, we've put together some helpful utilities to assist both players and DMs running games in the Dragonlance setting.

Weather, Moon Tracking, and Calendars

The weather and the calendar are items of significant importance to virtually everyone: from clerical holy days to choosing the right terrain before battle in a torrential downpour, these utilities will help players and DMs model the Dragonlance world more accurately. In addition, if you're playing in a Dragonlance setting, the positions of Krynn's moons are of vital importance to the Wizards of High Sorcery.

Dragonlance Weather Forecasts

Get the weather forecast for today from a variety of different locations around Ansalon with the Nexus' weather forecasting tool. Detailed daily forecasts for most of Ansalon's major cities, and predictive forecasts for the next seven days.

Dragonlance Moon Forecast

The Nexus maintains positions for the various moons that are updated on a daily basis. Don't want to bother with tracking your own moon positions? Get their positions today and for the rest of the week here.

Moons of Krynn: Moon Tracking Chart, by Matt

Matt's moon tracking chart is based on material published in the Dragonlance Adventures sourcebook, pages 27 and 28, first published by TSR in 1987. It also features a Taladan moon chart adapted from Time of the Dragon box set. A perfect reference if you don't have a computer handy while you're running your game.

Moon Tracker for Dragonlance, by Robert Madsen

Screenshot of Moon Tracker for DragonlanceThe Moon Tracker for Dragonlance is a freeware program that allows Dungeon Masters or anyone in a Dragonlance campaign to easily track the position of Krynn's three moons of magic—Solinari, Lunitari and Nuitari—across the sky. Moon Tracker has been tested under Windows 95, 98, and NT, and the program ran flawlessly in an unscientific test conducted by one of our staff members under Windows XP. Of course, as is the case with all software, we disclaim any liability for lost or corrupted data that results from your use of this program. More information is available in the read me file, which is included in the 112 KB download.

Compiled Printable Ansalonian Calendars, by Tobin Melroy

Tobin has compiled calendars of Ansalon's various months, along with the moon phases in these handy PDF documents.

Ema's d20 Dragonlance Character Sheets

Ema has created some of the best character sheets available on the Internet. You can download several of Ema's sheets that he's kindly provided for roleplayers to use in their DL games right here. Both sheets are in PDF format, so if you want to download them you should right-click on the links below and select "save as".

Download the Dragonlance d20 Character Sheet 1.3 BW (468 KB PDF)
Download the Dragonlance d20 Character Sheet 1.3 (594 KB PDF)

Mad Irishman's Character Sheets

Mad Irish has put together a few character sheets for roleplayers to use in their Dragonlance games - one for the Castles & Crusades game, one for the D&D 3.5 system, and one for the SAGA system. All three are in PDF format, so if you want to download the sheets you should right-click on the links below and select "save as".

Download the Castles & Crusades Character Sheet (162 KB PDF)
Download the D&D 3.5 Character Sheet (207 KB PDF)
Download the SAGA Hero Sheet (382 KB PDF)

World Maps

Ansalon in the Age of Might, c. 550 PC, by Aslan Uth Tallshire

Adventuring in the world of Krynn has always been a challenge prior to the Cataclysm: until now, an accurate map of Ansalon didn't exist! Download Justin's poster map exclusively from the Nexus.

Dragonlance Campaign Setting 'Missing Map', by Wizards of the Coast

A poster-sized map of Ansalon in in the present time, at the end of the War of Souls. This is the "missing map" from the Dragonlance Campaign Setting sourcebook.