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Journal Entry: Reinbowarrior's Anvil of Time Sessions

by Reinbowarrior

Reinbowarrior presents his Anvil of Time sessions.

Number of Players: 3

Cast of Characters:

Marajan - LG Human male priest of Kiri-Jolith (fi 1/cl 5) A zealot, smiting evil is his purpose and calling, would have got on well with the kingpriest, as the smallest infraction is worth of smiting. His longsword and cold iorn mace are devistating.

Palindrome - N Nomad male draconic shaman (draconic sorcerer 6) A shaman from an anchient tribe who worshipped black dragons, he believes his draconic totem blesses him and is the source of his power. All his spell powers are acidic.

Serina - NG Qualinesti Female skirmisher (scout 6) A qualinesti elf who followed the Golden General as part of the Whitestone forces. Learnt some shocking language from the human troops - and swears like a real trooper. A tumbling archer and axe maiden.

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