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Journal Entry: Dr_Teeth's Key of Destiny Campaign

by Dr_Teeth

Number of Players: 4
Time Period: 422 AC
Group Location: n/a

Everyone else is doing it so I am going to be a sheep and do it too. Besides I get a lot of good ideas from these, it's only fair that I reciprocate. It is done play by post so it is a slow moving game.

Four travelers from different parts of Ansalon converge on Pashin. They are all drawn there by their dreams. The four are as follows: Hayward, a Solamnic wanting to reclaim his family's honor; Sotari, another Solamnic wanting to make a name for himself in the Order of the Gold Lance; Jak, a kender who has decided to see the motherland (kendermore); and Mig, a gnomish cleric of Chislev.

They enter the town as part of the refugee train moving north. Halfway to the center of the town they hear screaming and yelling from an alleyway. Young Hayward is the first to act, the Solamnic Knight wannabe rushes into the alley and confronts several bandits mugging two kender. The others who entered the town soon join the fight ensuring that Hayward is not killed by the bandits who outnumber him. The combined strength of the four adventurers chase off or disable the bandits rescuing Kelwick and Mayleaf. Kelwick thanks them profusely and then tells the travelers about the Inn of the Five Dragons. The four decide they should stay there and go their separate ways. After some separate exploring the four end up at the Inn just in tine to see a performance by the Herald.

The Herald tells of how the minotaurs chased the Knights of Neraka out of Silvanost and several Dark Knights take offense by this horrible affront to them. They bum rush the stage, the leader pummeling the Herald to the ground. Just as he is to perform a Coup de Grace, Hayward again challenges the Knight. The two fight and the Solamnic defeats the Nerakan in single combat. The others plus several Inn patrons fight off the other knights saving the life of not only the Herald but also the waitress (sister of the huge bartender Alek).

The Herald awakens from unconsciousness long enough to see the four and send them onto the railroad, sending them to find "The Key" though he doesn't know what it is. They agree to talk more about this the next day. Late that night the kender Kelwick comes knocking at the door to the room that Mig and Jak are sharing. He says that the bandits kendernapped Mayleaf and begs them to help him again.

They agree to help and sneak out of town towards the bandit camp. They reach the camp without incident, quietly dispatching two guards. Mig heads straight for the largest tent and the others follow. As the group encircles the largest tent, two guards in the trees to the west of the camp notice something and head towards the group. The fast-thinking gnome summons a wolf and sets it loose for the guards to chase. Meanwhile Hayward again charges boldly (dumbly) into the tent confronting Pegrin and two thugs who have poor Mayleaf tied up on the floor. Jak rushes in behind Hayward and drags Mayleaf to safety but not before almost being decapitated by Pegrin. The Solamnic issues a challenge to Pegrin who chuckles then accepts. Hayward backs out of the tent so they can duel in the open. As soon as the bandit leader charges out, Mig casts entangle on the tent trapping the two thugs inside.

Hayward quickly gets the upper hand on Pegrin who just as quickly summons his backup. His second in command Derg attacks Mig from behind and Cole and the two guards who went after the wolf show up. Sotari makes quick work of both guards, and Cole surprises everyone firing a magical missile at Pegrin. The bandit leader drops his weapon and surrenders to Hayward. At this point Derg disgusted with Pegrin launches a dagger into the man's back killing him. He curses Pegrin for a coward then hightails it.

Combat is over now, and Cole reveals himself to be Axarandes, an elven wizard who had a vision of Pegrin stealing Quinari's Key. He took it upon himself to get it back. He "joined" Pegrin's gang waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike, the four were that opportunity.

The elf enters the tent, putting the entangled guards to sleep, he then ransacks the tent. The Key is no where to be found. He is distraught that it is not there. After being very mean to Mayleaf she produces the Key and gives it to Mig who was nice enough to help rescue her twice that day. It turns out she had it all along and was why she and Kelwick were being accosted the previous day. Axarandes pleads with Mig to give him the Key and he does. The elf agrees to return to Pashin with the others to speak to the Herald the next day. They safely return to town, but Hayward noticed someone spying on them as they entered the town but quickly lost sight of them.

That was the end of the Prologue to the Key of Destiny. It was really slow moving, play by post has that drawback. But I really enjoyed it and thought I did pretty good for being a first time DM.

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